home heating tips
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10 Top Home Heating Tips: For Winter Is Coming

Jon Snow has been warning us for ages, winter is coming and it’s time we started talking home heating tips! I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m already freezing cold and dying of man flu, it feels like I’m living outside in a cave in this rubbish flat. The dark nights are drawing in **sighs** and the…

upside down fiver
Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

Upside Down Fiver Fire Sale: Have You Bagged Yourself A Bargain?

The influx of new fiver sales on eBay show no sign of slowing, you can now buy your very own upside down fiver! I’ve not lost my marbles, honestly. After the rush to buy the new five pound notes with the first batch AA01 serial numbers, followed by last weeks AK47 serial numbers taking eBay by storm, there’s a new…

emergency fund
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What I Would Do Without An Emergency Fund

22% of the UK population said they would need to borrow money to meet a £200 unexpected expense due to the lack of an emergency fund. Until the start of this year I had absolutely no money saved in an emergency fund. I had no debt, but I lived month-to-month, spending frivolously without too much thought to an emergency. I…

utility bill
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Why Brits Dread Seeing A Utility Bill

You hear the postman drop off your letters, you notice one that stands out – nooooooooo it’s a utility bill! Having spent the last 11 months in a flat that has the bills included, I have to say it’s been a welcomed break from seeing a utility bill.  However, a recent survey by icount Money indicated that many Brits are…

supermarket vouchers
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There Is No Such Thing As Free Supermarket Vouchers

Scammers are out to take your money using your phone as a direct link to your bank account – ladies and gentlemen the supermarket vouchers scam is back in time for Christmas! If you haven’t already seen the supermarket vouchers scam on social media, it surely won’t be too long. The scam basically offers the promise of a £500 supermarket voucher….

water bills
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How To Cut Down Your Water Bills

Water bills are fast becoming a major headache for many households in the UK. Water bills are increasingly becoming of significant concern for many households. Back in the days when I was still working in the energy sector, I was continually asked by customers whether we could help to switch their water suppliers too and reduce their bill. The answer…

Zove Zeek
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Why I Love Zeek (And You Should Too)

Buying and selling unwanted gift cards has never been so easy, you’re going to love Zeek! I’ve lost count of the amount of times over the years that I’ve received a voucher or gift card for a shop I don’t really use. It generally stays in a draw somewhere, unloved and unused. But, there is somewhere you can sell your…

Great British Bake Off
Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

The Budget Great British Bake Off

If, like me, you’re still mourning the tragic loss of Mary, Mel and Sue from our beloved Great British Bake Off, let me attempt to lighten your mood with a Do-It-Yourself budget bake off bonanza. I thought I’d put together a blog post made in Great British Bake Off heaven for you all today, to help soften the blow of the…

apple itunes scam
Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

Beware, The Apple iTunes Scam Is Back

Surprise, surprise, the Apple iTunes scam is back! Here is everything you need to know. It seems to happen two or three times every year and this one is no different, the Apple iTunes scam is back targeting your card details. Fake iTunes receipts are doing the rounds again, designed to dupe people by looking authentic and genuine. You wouldn’t…

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