Muscle Foods Review

Muscle Foods Review

To say I was sceptical about Muscle Foods at first is an understatement. If you haven’t already seen them all over your Facebook newsfeed and on banners on websites throughout the UK, Muscle Foods is an online retailer selling extra lean meats and protein for knockdown prices. As the saying goes ‘if it sounds too good to be true then…

52 Week Saving Challenge

52 Week Saving Challenge

Try the 52 Week Saving Challenge and put yourself in a position to be able to afford that holiday you want, pay off that debt or simply take away the panic that Christmas brings. The thought of saving any sort of significant amount of money can be a daunting one. But if you start off slow and aim big…


Why Wombling Saves You Cash At The Supermarket

Wombling can help to cut your bills at Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. As soon as you saw the title of this blog it would have conjured up visions of uncle Bulgaria and the rest of the Womble gang wombling around Wimbeldon common. Well, for those of us of a certain age it would. Wombling is also the name of…


Rent Out Your Parking Space

Rent out your parking space, it could be a lucrative side earner! You may have seen the article in Metro newspaper yesterday about the lady who took her revenge on somebody who had parked on her drive without her permission by emptying a ton of gravel behind his car and blocking him in. It got me thinking about how much could…


How To Make Money From Rubbish

You will be surprised at what rubbish you can sell on ebay! After completing stage one of my transformation from wasteful plonker to frugal superstar it’s now time to start cranking this saving lark up a notch. I have stopped haemorrhaging money like it is going out of fashion and I’ve been looking at ways I can make money…

Debt Management

Debt Management: Have you been mis-sold?

Hot on the heels of mis-sold PPI and bank accounts, comes mis-sold Debt Management Plans. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have identified that many Debt Management Programmes (DMP) could have been mis-sold to consumers. What is a Debt Management Plan? A Debt Management Plan is an informal debt solution which is primarily aimed at consumers who are struggling to…

Credit builder

Credit Builder Could Help A Poor Credit History

Credit builder could be a way for you to have a completed loan appear on your credit file without the risk of running up unnecessary debts. People who have had little or poor credit history can often find it difficult to obtain credit as to lenders they are not seen as a particularly safe bet. I found this out…


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