8 Enemies Of Productivity

We can all think of a few things that make us less productive, but are there more creeping into your routine than you realise? There is a whole range of things that we are guilty of daily that will end up hurting your productivity. How many of these are you guilty of?   End the morning rush madness We…

Flight Delay compensation

How Leaving The EU Changes Flight Delay Compensation

From flight delay compensation to the EHIC card, there is much being said from both sides about the ramifications of leaving the EU. The truth is nothing much is going to change in the very short term in terms of our membership. However, in two years time when the real changes take place, there is expected to be some…

Love Home Swap

Save Cash On Your Traveling Costs Using Love Home Swap

Love Home Swap is a fantastic way to get away and cut down on the cost of your holiday, whilst maintaining the luxury and creature comforts of home. Founder Debbie Wosskow came up with the idea for Love Home Swap after her passion for traveling became more difficult following the birth of her having children. She found hotels were…

Abundance mentality

How I Created An Abundance Mentality

It seems that much of today’s society is built on a scarcity mentality. A scarcity mentality tells you there is something lacking in your life, there are no opportunities. Advertisers and marketers love this of course, as if there is a lack, they can target you to buy stuff. An economy thrives by reinforcing a scarcity mentality in people….

matched betting

What Is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is something I am seeing more and more from UK bloggers working from home. Since being invited to join the UK Money Bloggers Facebook page I’ve seen many people earning enough money to pack in their day job and work online from home for a living instead. As my goal is to travel the world as a…

Credit Score

How The EU Referendum Improved Our Credit Score

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past year you will be aware, if not a bit bored of hearing, about the EU Referendum – the single most important vote this country has had in decades. With an expected turnout of 80%+ set to vote, it has captured the imagination of the UK public like no general election…


13 Tricks To Spend Less When Shopping

I think most of us are aware about a few of the retailer tricks, but on closer inspection you’d be surprised how deep they’ve delved into our psyche to trick us into spending more than we intend. We are being bombarded with tricks left, right and centre when we’re out shopping, so let’s break them down to stay ahead…


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