An image to depict glueing your lip to create a trout pout

Glueing your lip – The thrifty beauty sh*t you shouldn’t try

After the best part of 38 years on this planet I have seen and heard plenty of ridiculous things, but glueing your lip to create a trout pout has got to be up there with the best of them. Social media has so many things to answer for, but the filtered fuckery of ‘Perfect Appearance Land’ is by far…

An image to depict money fails

Recognise, don’t criticise. Even money bloggers f*ck up sometimes

I set up Thinking Thrifty in December 2015 with the aim of having something out there that would keep me accountable for my money and ridiculous spending habits. I didn’t think so many people would go on to read it at the time. The aim back then was to save for a mortgage deposit to buy our own house,…

An image to depict harm to your finances

An inside guide on how to completely screw your finances

Working in the debt industry I speak to people day-in-day-out who are struggling to maintain their household finances and credit commitments. Illness, breakdown in relationships, lost jobs, failed business ventures, reckless spending or just a total lack of meaningful income – I’ve seen it all. However, whilst chained to my desk for an obscene amount the day, you can…


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