An image to depict how your money can grow by using the iSaveMoney App

How the iSaveMoney app helped to get my finances back on track

Hands up. I fell off the thrifty wagon face first into shit creek, however all hope isn’t lost just yet and the iSaveMoney app has helped to put me back on the straight and narrow. Where it all went wrong An avid preacher of the 6 Ps (Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance), it’s ironic that this is where…


Undeniable Proof You Need Splittable!

Tired of being the one who always picks up the bill? Well, your problem has just been solved by the masterminds behind my new favourite app Splittable. We’ve all been there at some point, you pay the bill on the promise that the other parties will pay you back the money owed, but it never arrives. Then worse of…


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