I love my Manchester, it’s people, and I’m incredibly proud to call myself a Mancunian, but never so much before in my entire life as today.

Ee-arr Terrorism, This Is Manchester. We Do Things Differently Here!

Ee-arr Terrorism, Last night you deliberately attacked a children’s concert in our great city, Manchester. You murdered 21 innocent people, injured and traumatised many more. You should know without any doubt that we don’t condone that sort of shit here regardless of our age, race, religion, sex or sexual preference. You see, when a disgraceful excuse of a human-being attacks our…

I've taken the plunge 12 months earlier than planned, today I start the journey as a self employed blogger doing things my own way!

Holy Shizzle Sticks Batman, I’m Self Employed!

I sit writing this today on my fist day as a self employed person. Yep, last week I left my job of four years, amicably with best wishes on on both sides. I was in the fortunate position of being able to get up in the morning every day for four years and enjoying it. I made friends worth moving miles…

The three mental stages I have gone through since starting Thinking Thrifty

The Three Mental Stages I’ve Gone Through Since Launching Thinking Thrfifty

I launched Thinking Thrifty with one thing in mind; to keep me accountable for my saving. It did the trick. It instilled habits within me that I hadn’t seen since being a child. I’ve been saving money easily every month since without it disrupting my life and I’ve never once felt like I’ve been missing out on anything to save…

Mother's Day is almost here and I have so very much to be thankful for when it comes to my mum.

9 Thank Yous For My Mum On Mother’s Day

A message for my mum on Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is almost here and I have so very much to be thankful for when it comes to my mum. A wonderful lady who raised three children on her own with very limited help, emotionally and financially, from my ‘father’. I could go out and blow a fortune on presents for…

Book Crossing is the act of giving a book a unique identity so, as the book passes from reader to reader, it can be tracked and thus connecting its readers.

Book Crossing: Time To Stop Being Shelf-ish

I have long been accused of being a hoarder by PK, something I have always vehemently denied. Yet, every time we have come to move properties over the last eleven years (there has been a lot of moves), I am presented with the question, “are you finally going to get rid of these books now?” I generally agree they are…


Living With OCD: It’s Not All About Cleaning

Living with OCD is a daily challenge and can take many forms. I’ve been having a terrible time over the last couple of weeks as the company I work for is moving offices. This may seem like a fairly minor thing for some, but for others living with OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) and anxiety it can feel like the whole world…

International Women's Day is a global event which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women throughout the world.

International Women’s Day: The Women Who’ve Guided Me

International Women’s Day is a global event which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women throughout the world. International Women’s Day is this Wednesday (March 8) and when I look back over my life it is women, on the whole, who have helped to shape the person I am today. I’m a much different lad to who…

Why Manchester is absolutely nothing like Coronation Street

14 Reasons Why Coronation Street Is Nothing Like Manchester

I love Manchester and I love Mancunians, yet although I was freed from being subjected to the drivel known as Coronation Street when my old flatmate moved out, it still irks me that it is in some way supposed to represent life in Manchester. Bearing this in mind, I have put together a quick guide for those who live outside…

An image to show some of the things I can't live without

5 Things I Can’t Live Without: I’m Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time

If you have read any of the many personal finance blogs on the tinterweb you will be familiar with seeing things people have given up to save money. There are certain things I’ve given up myself over the last year, such as four day pub benders and ordering take-aways five days out of seven. However, there are some things I…

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