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Rent Out Your Parking Space

Rent out your parking space, it could be a lucrative side earner! You may have seen the article in Metro newspaper yesterday about the lady who took her revenge on somebody who had parked on her drive without her permission by emptying a ton of gravel behind his car and blocking him in. It got me thinking about how much could you…

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How To Make Money From Rubbish

You will be surprised at what rubbish you can sell on ebay! After completing stage one of my transformation from wasteful plonker to frugal superstar it’s now time to start cranking this saving lark up a notch. I have stopped haemorrhaging money like it is going out of fashion and I’ve been looking at ways I can make money for…

Earn money using a fit bit and other trackers
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Earn Money Using Your FitBit (and other trackers)

Earn money from exercising? No seriously, read on! Do you sometimes lack the motivation to get yourself out exercising? What if I said you could earn money from doing so? Interested now? You can now use your FitBit or other activity tracker to start earning cash vouchers. I vary from super motivated to downright lazy, but since quitting the cigarettes…

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Lego A Better Investment Than Gold

Lego, it seems, is worth more than its weight in gold. The beloved toy brand has crushed the returns of numerous investments since the year 2000. It wouldn’t be the first thing you considered when making an investment, but maybe it should. In the last 15 years the value of the popular Danish building blocks has continued to increase, with…

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5 Killer Hacks To Make Money In Your Home

You can make room for Christmas and make money at the same time by selling your unwanted items. Remember one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure so dig deep and flog anything that is lying around collecting dust. Sell old mobiles I used to be guilty of storing my old mobiles away in a draw ‘just in case’ I ever…

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Why The PPI Clock Is Ticking And You Need To Claim It Now

The PPI scandal shows no sign of going away. After a supreme court decision last year decided that if a PPI seller neglected to advise the consumer that they had been paid a commission from the products provider that the sale was unfair and mis-sold. Susan Plevin, a 59 year old college lecturer, and the subsequent court judgement, has opened…

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