An image to depict the Ryanair hand luggage changes

What you need to know about the new Ryanair hand luggage changes

Ryanair has changed its hand luggage policy again and there are a few things you should know if you want to avoid long queues and charges. The new Ryanair hand luggage changes kick in from November 1. After making numerous changes over the last few months it has become easier than ever to get caught out with too much…

An image to depict good debt and bad debt

How to recognise a good debt from a bad debt

If you’re considering borrowing it’s beneficial to be able to recognise the difference between good debt and bad debt. Whilst there are some things in life where taking out a debt can undoubtedly be a great investment in your long term financial well-being, there are others that can leave your long term outlook in tatters. Arming yourself with the…

An image to depict saving money on Christmas presents

5 Simple tips to save money this Christmas

There are just eleven short weeks left until Christmas and it’s no exaggeration to say I’m excited as fudge. I bloody love it, this after spending many years as grumpy, sour faced Scrooge who couldn’t bear the sight of anything Christmas related at all, only to have a niece slapped on me in 2014 and hey presto, return of…

An image to depict despair on Blue Monday

Blue Monday? What a load of old bollocks!

Regular readers know I’m not particularly backwards at coming forwards where delivering my opinion on things is concerned, and like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of Aussie Flu I’m here to tell you why the Blue Monday hype is a load of bollocks and how you can turn despair into motivation. First and foremost, where the be-Jaysus have…

The Bean personal finance tool helps you keep track of your finances for free!

Bean Personal Finance Tool: It’s Free And It Will Change Your Finances

I’m a huge fan of money tools, I love things that can free up my time as my day-to-day life is too busy to have a spreadsheet for absolutely everything, thankfully I’ve come across a little beauty called Bean. Put all thoughts of Rowan Atkinson and yellow minis aside, there is nothing calamitous about this, in fact it’s shown…

Is there such thing as a self employed IVA? 

Is There Such Thing As A Self Employed IVA?

A reader emailed me over the weekend concerned that his debt was getting pretty unmanageable, ‘reader’ had been scouring the internet for advice and was confused as to whether there was such thing as a self employed IVA.  Research suggests self employed people are just as likely to be struggling with debt problems as the unemployed people. Without a…

Nobody should have to worry about putting food on the table at Christmas, so along with the other UK Money Bloggers, this year I'm taking part in The Reverse Advent Calendar.

Will You Take Part In The Reverse Advent Calendar?

We’ve not even tiptoed past Halloween yet, but the seasonal monster is already paramount in many people’s thoughts, Christmas is coming, and rather disgracefully for one of the richest countries in the world, this year fear will turn to putting food on the table, not buying presents. Increased demand for food banks during winter and Christmas Growing up in…

Contact lenses prescriptions are pretty costly, especially if you are looking to buy daily disposables. However, buying contact lenses online can save £100s

How To Save Money Buying Contact Lenses Online

I’m a danger to myself and others if I don’t have my contact lenses in, walking around like Mr Magoo is just not an option, but I was shocked to find out the difference in price when comparing high the street opticians and buying contact lenses online. We were visiting the dragon (my mother-in-law) a few years back, when she shown…

Stoptober is a Public Health England campaign that challenges smokers to give up cigarettes for 28 days during the month of October. The premise is that after abstaining for this period of time, individuals are five times more likely to quit smoking permanently

Hating Stoptober Already? Hang In There, It Gets Better!

You’re just over two weeks into Stoptober, the smokers cough is starting to recede and breathing in the morning is no longer a straight forward fight between life and death. However, the cravings are still there, after food, first thing in the morning, with a beer, just feckin’ well all over the shop to be perfectly honest. I know,…


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