Be nice to each other, go the extra mile for someone you’ve never met before, I know I’m all the better for meeting my new transatlantic friend Lindsay! A small act of kindness costs you nothing, but it makes you feel like a million quid, or should that be dollars?
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How A Small Act Of Kindness Can Forge A Transatlantic Friendship

I absolutely bloody love Americans, always have, a love that only grew stronger after a trip to New York where I got to meet loads of them. Their enthusiasm, hell yeahs and high fives are right up my street and I just find them utterly infectious. I’m sure I was American in a past life, the fact I somehow knew…

Funding is the biggest barrier people face when starting a business
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What Difficulties Will You Have Starting A Business?

It would appear we are a country of budding entrepreneurs, with more than 300,000 of us starting a business just last year alone. icount Money recently conducted a survey asking what barriers you could face when starting a business of you own. 1-in-5 (21%) British business hopefuls face difficulty when starting up their own business, with 26% of those surveyed saying…

An image showing someone smiling after changing things in life to make him feel much happier
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9 Things Guaranteed To Make You Feel Much Happier

The best things in life are free apparently, and there is nothing featured on this list that will cost you a penny, however they will make you feel much happier. It’s easy to sit there complaining of all the reasons why we’re not completely happy and fulfilled in life (something we definitely don’t struggle with in the UK). But there…

An image showing a parent teaching her children money skills
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The Easiest Way To Teach Children Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

Teaching children money skills is a hot debate. Who should be responsible, parents or teachers? Although financial education is now compulsory in UK schools, there is no set curriculum and free schools and academies to not follow the national curriculum anyway, meaning it is ad hoc at best. There was a time I thought more should be done in schools,…

Let's face it, there is nothing worse than looking at a pile of tasks you need to work through when you feel lethargic and sluggish. Yet, there are lots of changes we can make to our routine to stop punishing ourselves in an already hectic lifestyle. Implement even a few of these and I guarantee you will feel more energized and you WILL easily increase productivity.
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Things You Can Do Now PART THREE: Increase Productivity

There are many everyday habits we all have that are the enemy if you’re looking to increase productivity. Today’s post is the last in the three part series of ‘Things You Can Do Now’. Today we’re looking at how to increase productivity. Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than looking at a pile of tasks you need to work through…

Money quotes
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Thinking Thrifty’s Top 20 Money Quotes

I made some pretty substantial changes to my spending habits this year. I’ve read a lot of personal finance material from other bloggers and books from the guys who’ve gone out there and reached financial independence. Over this last year I’ve read many money quotes from MANY great minds. Below are my favourite twenty, I hope you enjoy them and…

Personal Development

5 Things That Require Zero Talent

Talent, it’s something we all hope we discover in ourselves one way or another. Some we are aware of from a very young age, whilst others take time to develop or even lay hidden until we’re much older and have more free time to develop them. However, there are so many things  you can do to aid your personal development…

Personal Development

8 Enemies Of Productivity

We can all think of a few things that make us less productive, but are there more creeping into your routine than you realise? There is a whole range of things that we are guilty of daily that will end up hurting your productivity. How many of these are you guilty of? End the morning rush madness We have all…

Abundance mentality
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How I Created An Abundance Mentality

It seems that much of today’s society is built on a scarcity mentality. A scarcity mentality tells you there is something lacking in your life, there are no opportunities. Advertisers and marketers love this of course, as if there is a lack, they can target you to buy stuff. An economy thrives by reinforcing a scarcity mentality in people. A…

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