If you think you're to young to start investing you're wrong, in fact, you're in a better and stronger position to get started. Here's why!

5 Reasons Why The Early Bird Catches The Worm When It Comes To Investing

I have long advocated the need for financial education whilst we are younger, even more so now in a modern world where the cost of living is forever increasing and the state pension becomes stretched so far it will  barely make ends meet by the time millennials and Generation Z have chance to draw from it. Whilst compulsory company pension…

Banking jargon can be difficult to understand, especially when nobody has taken the time to explain it to us. In this guide I have debunked many of the most common types of banking jargon!

Banking Jargon Debunked: What Does It Mean?

Financial agreements and products come full of banking jargon and terms that most of us don’t understand. In fact, it’s safe to say that up until a few years ago, some of the banking jargon used in my mail may as well have been written in Japanese for all I understood about it. I recently asked my work colleagues to explain…

Mother's Day is almost here and I have so very much to be thankful for when it comes to my mum.

9 Thank Yous For My Mum On Mother’s Day

A message for my mum on Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is almost here and I have so very much to be thankful for when it comes to my mum. A wonderful lady who raised three children on her own with very limited help, emotionally and financially, from my ‘father’. I could go out and blow a fortune on presents for…

Funding is the biggest barrier people face when starting a business

What Difficulties Will You Have Starting A Business?

It would appear we are a country of budding entrepreneurs, with more than 300,000 of us starting a business just last year alone. icount Money recently conducted a survey asking what barriers you could face when starting a business of you own. 1-in-5 (21%) British business hopefuls face difficulty when starting up their own business, with 26% of those surveyed saying…

Identity fraud has reached record levels, so it has never been more important to protect yourself properly online

Identity Fraud Reaches Record Levels: Why You Should Be Protecting Yourself Better

Regular readers of Thinking Thrifty will know I was the victim of identity fraud back in December 2016. Some crafty trickster had infiltrated my PayPal account, made the best part of 60 transactions and just for good measure, changed my account into a business name. Not only that, they had also gained access to my eBay account and made a…

Thdere are some costly mistakes you should avoid if you want to build or maintain a great credit score!

15 Things That Could Impact Negatively On Your Credit Score

I was involved in a study last year with icount Money which revealed most of us don’t understand our credit score and what affects it. I’ve done quite a few articles on how you can build your credit score, so today I thought I’d give you an indication of what affects it negatively. First of all, if you don’t fully…

There is a new HMRC scam text looking to gain access to your bank details

The HMRC Scam Text You Should Be Aware Of

At the moment it is just one scam after another, and this week is no different as the HMRC scam text does the rounds in full force. If you haven’t had the ‘lucky’ text yet informing you of a tax rebate windfall, I’ll give you the gist. What is the HMRC scam text? You’ll  receive a text from either HM…

An image of a couple to depict the difficulty in having a spendthrift partner

How To Deal With A Spendthrift Partner

Today’s article is a guest post from Francesca who blogs over at From Pennies To Pounds, where she details her journey about escaping the clutches of debt, saving money and her mission to earn enough money to gain financial freedom. When you are determined to pay off your debt, or achieve particular financial goals, it can be incredibly stressful to realise…

An image showing a parent teaching her children money skills

The Easiest Way To Teach Children Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

Teaching children money skills is a hot debate. Who should be responsible, parents or teachers? Although financial education is now compulsory in UK schools, there is no set curriculum and free schools and academies to not follow the national curriculum anyway, meaning it is ad hoc at best. There was a time I thought more should be done in schools,…

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