Mediterranean chicken is quick, simple and cheap as chips to make. I use a Pressure King Pro to make this, but you can use any pressure cooker, slow cooker or even in a large pot slow cooked in the oven!

Mediterranean Chicken: Slimming World Friendly

Ever since PK bought me a Pressure King Pro for Christmas it is rarely off in the evening, which has lead me to concoct a load of my own recipes that I’ll be sharing with you on here regularly. Today’s offering is my Mediterranean chicken that I literally threw together as I went along, luckily it turned out delicious….

Overnight steak and ale in the Pressure King Pro for a nice easy meal!

Overnight Steak And Ale Using The Pressure King Pro

If you’re looking for something you can just throw in a pressure cooker / slow cooker, overnight steak and ale is perfect. It’s lovely comfort food and is as easy as it gets when it comes to cooking. I used some diced steak I found reduced from £3.70 to just £1 at my local Sainsburys, which helps to make this…

DJT's Minestrone soup

DJT’s Minestrone Soup

This is my tasty, quick and easy take on Minestrone soup and a firm favourite at Thrifty Towers. It’s a perfect winter warmer which can be batch cooked and frozen if you want something you can just take out in a rush. One of the great things about this recipe is you can alter the ingredients to suit your…

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