What saving challenges are there? Do saving challenges work? What are the best saving challenges? How successful are saving challenges?
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Two Saving Challenges I Will Complete This Year

Ever since I started this blog around a year ago I like to set myself saving challenges for the year. Last year I just had set standing orders topping up various accounts, however this year I want to go a step further, living off no more than 50% of my wages. I tried and failed this last year, but still…

base rate
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Base Rate Of Interest Drops: What The Fudge Is All The Fuss About?

The UK’s media went into a frenzy at the release of the news that Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, is dropping the base rate of interest to a record low of 0.25%. I watched the speech in great anticipation, and, after sifting through the jargon I got together with icount Money to produce an easy to understand infographic that…

How to build wealth
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6 Money Habits To Build Wealth

Financial success and wealth isn’t achieved overnight. It takes a firm plan and a commitment to execute it to the letter. Intelligence, charm and talent  are all fine and dandy, but more often than not these aren’t what separate the wealthiest from the poor among us. The differences lie in our daily habits and rituals. These subconscious, second nature activities…

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Why You Are Failing To Save

If you are getting nowhere fast trying to save some money away for a special occasion, an emergency fund or a deposit on your own house, there is probably a good reason why. I have been here myself, I just could never seem to get going and get any significant amount of cash stored away. I had nothing for an…

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Pension Time Bomb: Why You Need To Save Now! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you a part of the pension ticking time bomb? If you are a regular visitor to this blog you will know that I am an extremely late retirement saver and only very recently started taking care of my pension. I was warned at 28 that I was already too late by a financial advisor, I chose to act at…

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Why You Will Never Score Without A Savings Goal!

It is no surprise that people who set themselves a savings goal achieve their target faster. If you are serious about that first time home, dream luxury holiday or you are saving for retirement, set your goal, work out what you are able to save every month and watch it grow. If I can do it, anybody can! Set  Savings…

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When Should You Start Saving For Retirement?

A constant increase in the cost of living means saving for your retirement has never been so important It is a conundrum for many of us. When is the perfect time to start saving for retirement? Well that depends on your life goals I suppose! For instance, I’m planning ahead now so I can call work a day by the…

current accounts
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How I Turned Three Current Accounts Into A Saving Machine

These days  current accounts to save can offer better rates than a savings account. In a topsy-turvy world of ultralow savings rates you have to think outside the box when it comes to maximising your saving potential. I remain firmly on target for the £5,000 Challenge for the first quarter of the year and as we approach the end of…

Pocket Money Management
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Pocket Money Management

Money management can help to reduce the risk of your child getting into unmanageable debt later in life. We place incredible importance on education in the UK, however, financial education is something that is almost never taught to children. This can lead them to make avoidable mistakes in the future that could burden you as much as it does them….

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