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5 Thrifty Things I’ve Done This Week #3 Steamers, Storage & Books

I’ve had a mix bag of thrifty things this week The spring cleaning among my friends continues, allowing me to pick up a few more goodies that I was going to buy anyway. Having my ear to the floor and letting people know to contact me first before binning anything (some of them are a wasteful lot) has meant I’m…

what can you do to safeguard yourself this spring against overindulgence an frivolous spending?
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Don’t Let Spring And The Sunshine Screw Your Finances

Spring is here, HURRAH! Although, you wouldn’t know it just yet in sunny Manchester where we are still battling bouts of sleet, snow and icy winds. But, with spring comes the temptations that warmer weather brings as we all start to pack away our onesies and come out of hibernation. This is the time of year I like to refer…

Book Crossing is the act of giving a book a unique identity so, as the book passes from reader to reader, it can be tracked and thus connecting its readers.
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Book Crossing: Time To Stop Being Shelf-ish

I have long been accused of being a hoarder by PK, something I have always vehemently denied. Yet, every time we have come to move properties over the last eleven years (there has been a lot of moves), I am presented with the question, “are you finally going to get rid of these books now?” I generally agree they are…

This week my 5 Thrifty Things has been more about cutting down costs than freebies!
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5 Thrifty Things I’ve Done This Week #2: Coffee, Yellow Ticket Ninja Skills & Firing PK

This week my 5 Thrifty Things has been more about cutting down costs than freebies! Welcome to the second edition of my 5 Thrifty Things, this week I have been looking at ways to cut down everyday costs after last week’s spectacular freebie haul. It has been a week of horrifying revelations and generally trying to live off buttons all…

Check out my five thrifty things I've done this week
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5 Thrifty Things I’ve Done This Week #1: Furniture, Nightlife & Side Hustles

It has been a good week for thrifty things in the Taylor household – a very good week! So this is my first ever 5 Thrifty Things post and with spring approaching I have been clearing out a load of rubbish and sorting out our spare room. It seems there are a few people / companies I know who have…

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Abandon Big Six! Isn’t It Time You Joined The Exodus?

More people than ever before have opened their eyes, didn’t like what they could see and have abandoned the Big Six energy companies – HURRAH!! If you are still stuck on a standard variable tariff with a Big Six supplier you may want to consider joining the exodus, and quick! EDF Energy have whacked up their prices by 8% already…

Why you should never let your insurer auto renew your car insurance
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Why You Should Never Auto Renew Your Car Insurance

The new registration plate is due March 17 making it one of the busiest months of the year in the world of car insurance, so let me ask you this…. If I owned a shop and I was selling cans of coke for £150, would you pay over the odds, or shop around? I’m guessing you’d shop around, so why…

An image to show how it easy it is to get short changed when spending money
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How To Protect Yourself From Being Short Changed

There are many ways in which you can find yourself short changed, and I’m not just talking about mistakes at the checkout. A recent study from Paymentsense kicked up some interesting regional results. It would appear we’re a trustworthy bunch up in the North, with a third (34.5%) of those surveyed saying they would feel too guilty walking away if…

An image of a wireless router to emphasise the extra cost when you are in a broadband rolling contract
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Your Broadband Rolling Contract Is Costing You Hundreds

If you’re on a broadband rolling contract it’s costing you and many other Brits around £1.5 billion a year in wasted subscription charges you could be getting much cheaper. Out of contract broadband prices have steadily increased by 38% since 2011 for copper connections and 19% for fibre connections. In direct contrast, in-contract prices have pretty much remained steady over the same…

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