energy bills
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Why Your Energy Bills Are About To Drastically Rise

Doom and gloom I’m afraid, your energy bills are about to rise by anything up to 34%! After a brief spell of falling prices we’re all in for a shock this winter as energy bills rise beyond belief. All but one of the Big Six energy providers have bumped up their cheapest tariff costs since September with only British Gas abstaining so…

too good to go
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How ‘Too Good To Go’ Wants To Change Our Attitude Towards Waste

If the food is Too Good To Go, why waste it? I have always been disgusted at the amount of food we throw away in the UK, from household waste to commercial. We’re throwing away around 7 million tons of food from our homes every year – believe it or not, that could fill 23 million wheelie bins! Bearing this in…
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How Are Helping Thousands To Save Money

Every day thousands of people search Google for voucher codes, deals and discounts. You know what you want to buy, but being a little savvy, you do a quick search to see if you can save some money. Those sites are usually big, corporate companies with huge budgets for marketing. They take a little bit of commission for every voucher…

financial education
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What Financial Education I Think We Need: FinCap Week

Are we getting enough financial education? I have long been an advocate of more substantial financial education in schools, so when I stumbled across the Financial Capability Strategy last year I was delighted to see there was finally some groundwork being done to improve matters. This week sees the launch of Financial Capability Week! If you’ve never heard of Financial Capability…

prepayment meters
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Prepayment Meters: The Ultimate Insult For The Financially Vulnerable

Prepayment meters have always been a bug bear of mine, or should I say the cost of running them has. You pay before you try, yet you’re charged more than someone paying in arrears – crazy! I find it astounding that energy companies can get away with charging the most vulnerable of society more. That’s not to say everyone who…

amazon gift card
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How To Get £7 Free With Amazon Gift Card Purchase

OFFER ENDED If you already have an Amazon account there may be a way to get £7 free when you buy an Amazon gift card for £30 or more before November 30 at 11:59pm. Amazon gift cards are valid for ten years, so providing you plan on buying something in the next decade you’re quids in. The code needs to be…

o2 priority hack
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O2 Priority Hack: Get Freebies Without Being An O2 Customer

I do love freebies and discounts and the O2 Priority hack has just added a few more to the list! There’s a way for us all to enjoy the benefits of O2 Priority Moments without the need to be an O2 customer. Deals including £5 main meals at Pizza Express and free hot drinks from Caffé Nero. Under normal circumstances…

food wastage
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Food Wastage UK: Why Are We Binning So Much Good Food?

We live in a country where 20,247,042 meals were given to people in food poverty between 2013/14 by the three main food aid providers, yet the total UK food wastage is as huge as ever. 50% of of the total food wastage in the UK comes from households – seven million tonnes of food slung into the bin. The most worrying…

Black Friday
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How To Get Through Black Friday Like A Boss

Holy shizzle it’s just 4 days until Black Friday!!! Black Friday madness is set to strike the UK in just 4 days and if last year is anything to go by it’s going to be busy, both on the high street and online. Last year we spent a massive £3.3bn over Black Friday weekend with 1.4m people putting themselves into…

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