An image to depict Slimming World friendly hotpot

Syn free, Slimming World friendly hotpot

I can feel the backlash coming, this could also be known as Scouse, Lobbies, potato hash amongst others depending on what part of the country you come from. It’s the whole barm / roll / cob debate all over again. It’s a barm for the record! In our house it’s hotpot, and without a single tweak to my grandma’s…

An image to depict Slimming World Friendly pork meatballs in a tomato sauce

Easy, syn free Slimming World friendly pork meatballs in a tomato ragu

I love meatballs, but the shameless price of 5% fat beef mince has left me susceptible to hives, anxiety attacks and sudden fits of rage. On the bright side 5% fat pork mince remains as faithful to my pocket as ever. Make it into meatballs and serve it with this easy as fudge ragu and you’ve got a cheap…

An image depicting a syn free, Slimming World friendly Chicken Rogan Josh  

Syn free, Slimming World friendly Chicken Rogan Josh

The best thing about Slimming World is not having to deprive yourself of the foods you love, it’s a brave man that tells me I can’t have a curry once a week! We love a good Rogan Josh in our house, and admittedly the take away down the road from us is absolutely incredible, however, it’s both bad for…

An image to depict how easy it is to lose weight at Slimming World

Conquering moob mountain: The return to Slimming World

Just over two weeks ago I got out of bed ready for a busy day ahead, stripped out of my onesie and caught a terrifying glimpse of the past in the mirror, only this was no momentary flashback to the dark days of chub and large clothing, this was very much in the present, confirming moob mountain was back…

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