Guest Blogs & Press

Guest Blogs & Press

Guest Blogs:

Prepaid Cards vs Credit Cards: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – ICOUNT Money

Why We Love Prepaid Cards (And You Should Too!) – ICOUNT Money

Bailiff hell: The Grim Reaper is knocking – ClearDebt

Understanding Your Energy Bills Can Save You £100s – ClearDebt

Are You In The Wrong Council Tax Band? ClearDebt

Changing Habits, Cutting Costs – ClearDebt

How To Streamline Your Home Finances – ICOUNT Money

New Year, New Start: How To Improve Your Credit Rating – ICOUNT Money

Christmas Debt: Four Out Of Ten Brits Could Increase Their Debt This Christmas – ICOUNT Money

Christmas Shopping Online? Protect your payments with the ICOUNT Prepaid MasterCard® with Purchase Protection – ICOUNT Money

Wage Equality: Are women still getting a raw deal? – ClearDebt

Too much month at the end of your money? Budget! – ICOUNT Money

Help to Buy ISAs launch today: Halifax top interest rate chart – ICOUNT Money

Energy: Ten killer tips to get you more energy efficient – ICOUNT Money

Secret Santa Gift Guide – ICOUNT Money

Black Friday: Shop smart and safely – ICOUNT Money

Prepaid cards: an alternative to the high street – ICOUNT Money

Purchase Protection: Know your Rights – ICOUNT Money

Budgeting Today: Are we suffering from bad budgeting education? – ClearDebt

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David Jack Taylor is the founder and editor of the Thinking Thrifty blog. After a striking realisation about the direction his life was heading he set himself a 15 year plan to achieve total financial freedom. Join the journey!

He is also a contributor to Clear Debt, ICOUNT Money and M1 Debt Advice blogs discussing all things personal finance.
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