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Thinking Thrifty Wins Best New Blog At The SHOMO Awards

This weekend the best UK Money Bloggers got together for the SHOMO Awards in London with Thinking Thrifty nominated in the Best New Blog category. It was a fantastic event organised by Andy over at Be Clever With Your Cash, and a great experience to meet some giants of the UK Blogging scene. Wasp happened? The day started with me almost…

How To Get Student Discount Easily Without Being A Student: NUS Card Hack

Help yourself to student discount – NUS card hack revealed! Did you know that there is a crafty, yet simple trick that enables everyone to get an NUS card student discount? No? Well you do now, and I’m going to show you how! I first alerted to this incredible NUS card hack by Andy Webb over at Be Clever With Your…

base rate

Base Rate Of Interest Drops: What The Fudge Is All The Fuss About?

The UK’s media went into a frenzy at the release of the news that Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, is dropping the base rate of interest to a record low of 0.25%. I watched the speech in great anticipation, and, after sifting through the jargon I got together with icount Money to produce an easy to understand infographic that…


8 Things You Should Know When Buying A Car

The new 66 plate is released on Thursday September 1 and many people will be considering buying a new car. There are important things to consider when purchasing a vehicle that you may not be aware of. In this short guide I’ll explain everything you need to know when buying a car, whether it be brand spanking new, or pre-owned….

Help to buy ISA

How I Got Kicked In The Millennials By The Help To Buy ISA

Just as the UK’s millennials finally thought we were getting the lift onto the property ladder we needed with the Help-to-Buy ISA, the rug has well and truly been pulled from under our feet. I’d say I’m outraged, it’s not what i’m thinking in all honesty, but for the sake of my mother I’ll keep those particular words to myself. Not…


Why It’s Crazy Giving Money To BadDebtor

Working in the debt industry for a number for years it is no surprise to see the odd scam company like BadDebtor rock up now and again, preying on vulnerable people. Sickening as it is, these companies target people who have gone to hell and back with debt problems, making promises they have no intention of fulfilling. I was alerted to these…

energy firms

Energy Firms Maths Error Means You Could Have Been Overcharged

Energy firms just don’t seem to be able to get their shizzle together do they? This time, a simple mathematics mistake has lead to thousands of customers paying up to three times more for their gas. Here is what has happened and who has been affected. What went so wrong? Mixing up measurements from older imperial meters with modern metric ones. No,…

Open banking

Why Open Banking Changes Things Forever

Open banking has given me much to be happy about this week. The banks, quite frankly, got spanked. Years of none existent competition, resulting in shitty rates for consumers, are finally coming to the end. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has concluded its £5m investigation and is already warming up its foot ready to kick the Britain’s biggest banks arses….


5 Things That Require Zero Talent

Talent, it’s something we all hope we discover in ourselves one way or another. Some we are aware of from a very young age, whilst others take time to develop or even lay hidden until we’re much older and have more free time to develop them. However, there are so many things  you can do to aid your personal development…

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