Make Your Secret Santa Count With #GiveOrGift

Make a difference this year by choosing a charity donation over a Secret Santa gift. The UK Money Bloggers have come together to launch a Secret Santa charity appeal for Christmas. Secret Santa has become more and more popular in recent years and can be a great way to keep the cost of Christmas down between close friends and family….


How LatestDeals.co.uk Are Helping Thousands To Save Money

Every day thousands of people search Google for voucher codes, deals and discounts. You know what you want to buy, but being a little savvy, you do a quick search to see if you can save some money. Those sites are usually big, corporate companies with huge budgets for marketing. They take a little bit of commission for every voucher…


The Hidden Cost Of Being A Landlord

Being a buy-to-let landlord has been a dream of mine, pretty much ever since Homes Under The Hammer first came into my life! However, with the continual rising costs added onto the bills of buy-to-let landlords, it’s something I would need to give careful consideration to when the time comes. I’m here to make money, not lose it. I have…


10 Things Your Parents Said You Get Now

How many of these bad boys did your parents use on you? As we grow up our parents love to throw out the odd quip and sarcastic remark to guide us along our way. Things that used to annoy the hell of me now strike a chord as an adult. How many of these have you heard from your parents?…

financial education

What Financial Education I Think We Need: FinCap Week

Are we getting enough financial education? I have long been an advocate of more substantial financial education in schools, so when I stumbled across the Financial Capability Strategy last year I was delighted to see there was finally some groundwork being done to improve matters. This week sees the launch of Financial Capability Week! If you’ve never heard of Financial Capability…

prepayment meters

Prepayment Meters: The Ultimate Insult For The Financially Vulnerable

Prepayment meters have always been a bug bear of mine, or should I say the cost of running them has. You pay before you try, yet you’re charged more than someone paying in arrears – crazy! I find it astounding that energy companies can get away with charging the most vulnerable of society more. That’s not to say everyone who…

new one pound coin

What You Need To Know About The New One Pound Coin

Well, quite frankly, it looks like the secret love child of the £2 coin and a 20p – the new one pound coin is coming in March 2017! Businesses are being told to adapt their equipment and get their staff trained in preparation for the new one pound coin. Any machine taking cash, whether that be for a can of…

Top Money Hacks

Thinking Thrifty: An Interview With Top Money Hacks

I was very kindly asked to participate in an interview with Top Money Hacks a few weeks ago. I’ve made it my business over these last 10 months to get involved as much as possible within the Personal Finance blogging community and was delighted to take part. What I love about personal finance blogging is the support we all offer…

o2 priority hack

O2 Priority Hack: Get Freebies Without Being An O2 Customer

I do love freebies and discounts and the O2 Priority hack has just added a few more to the list! There’s a way for us all to enjoy the benefits of O2 Priority Moments without the need to be an O2 customer. Deals including £5 main meals at Pizza Express and free hot drinks from Caffé Nero. Under normal circumstances…

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