Contact lenses prescriptions are pretty costly, especially if you are looking to buy daily disposables. However, buying contact lenses online can save £100s

How To Save Money Buying Contact Lenses Online

I’m a danger to myself and others if I don’t have my contact lenses in, walking around like Mr Magoo is just not an option, but I was shocked to find out the difference in price when comparing high the street opticians and buying contact lenses online. We were visiting the dragon (my mother-in-law) a few years back, when she shown me…

Stoptober is a Public Health England campaign that challenges smokers to give up cigarettes for 28 days during the month of October. The premise is that after abstaining for this period of time, individuals are five times more likely to quit smoking permanently

Hating Stoptober Already? Hang In There, It Gets Better!

You’re just over two weeks into Stoptober, the smokers cough is starting to recede and breathing in the morning is no longer a straight forward fight between life and death. However, the cravings are still there, after food, first thing in the morning, with a beer, just feckin’ well all over the shop to be perfectly honest. I know, trust…

Do you believe in Karma?

Would You Change Your Ways If You Could Calculate Your Karma?

It’s a good feckin’ question isn’t? The amount of times I’ve been a twonk of gargantuan proportions over the years is, sadly, mucho plentiful. Had I been able to work out my dose of Karma along the way I may have attempted to be a better person when I was still a know-it-all teenager. Some would say I was just…

How to make Cottage Pie

Super Tasty Traditional Cottage Pie

It has to be said, the only thing I like about going into the colder months is Christmas and the food I can cook, so after a pretty nippy and windy Manchester day I decided on Cottage Pie for dinner. I sent PK for the ingredients and it wasn’t without its usual drama after he forgot most of items on…

How To Work Out If Something Is Worth Spending Money On

I’m really not a spendthrift when it comes to possessions, never have been. In fact, when it has come to blowing money over the years I’ve been much more guilty of filling the pockets of my local pub landlords and restaurant owners, than trying to keep up with the trend as a dedicated follower of fashion or chasing the latest…

The new 12 sided one pound coin has been in circulation for over six months and the old pound coin is now on borrowed time.

When Does The Old Pound Coin Cease Being Legal Tender?

The new 12 sided one pound coin has been in circulation for over six months and the old pound coin is now on borrowed time. A hectic work life over the last few months has meant I haven’t travelled often recently, and it only dawned on me the old pound coin is on its way out when I tried paying…

let me show you how you can start saving money on heating bills as we start to approach winter.

How To Start Saving Money On Heating Bills Now

We’re having a bit of stand off in our gaff at the moment, I’ve been told that I am under no circumstances to put up the Christmas tree until December, and I’ve retaliated that until it’s up there will be no heating going on, under the guise of I’m just “saving money on heating” – ask me if I’m bothered!…

I Have Found The Solution To Your Man With A Van Woes

I Have Found The Solution To Your Man With A Van Woes

Over the years I’ve moved house a LOT, the curse of the humble tenant. Whether it has been landlords selling up from underneath me (twice, yes twice), having to move for work purposes, or I’ve just seen my arse with substandard living conditions, it’s culminated in PK and I moving as a couple seven times in the last seven years….

The Blog On Christmas Conference was in my home town Manchester on Sunday, but is it worth spending your time attending as a money blogger?

Is Blog On Worth It For Money Bloggers?

I’ve just had an extremely busy weekend, starting with a trip to London for the UK Money Bloggers conference / SHOMO Awards, followed by the Blog On Christmas Conference in my home town Manchester the next day. Now, it has to be said, I’m not a particularly good conference person. For someone so loud and outgoing, for one reason or…

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