An image to show how easy it is to book a babysitter using mobile phone apps
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You Can Now Book A Babysitter Like A Taxi

Mobile phone apps have revolutionised the way we order taxis, choose a restaurant and book a holiday, but now you can also book a babysitter directly from your mobile phone too. I have to admit when I first saw this my initial reaction was you must be bat-shit crazy to even consider it. However, many parents are entrusting their children to…

An image to show how it easy it is to get short changed when spending money
Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

How To Protect Yourself From Being Short Changed

There are many ways in which you can find yourself short changed, and I’m not just talking about mistakes at the checkout. A recent study from Paymentsense kicked up some interesting regional results. It would appear we’re a trustworthy bunch up in the North, with a third (34.5%) of those surveyed saying they would feel too guilty walking away if…

An image showing someone smiling after changing things in life to make him feel much happier
Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

9 Things Guaranteed To Make You Feel Much Happier

The best things in life are free apparently, and there is nothing featured on this list that will cost you a penny, however they will make you feel much happier. It’s easy to sit there complaining of all the reasons why we’re not completely happy and fulfilled in life (something we definitely don’t struggle with in the UK). But there…

An image to show some of the things I can't live without
Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

5 Things I Can’t Live Without: I’m Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time

If you have read any of the many personal finance blogs on the tinterweb you will be familiar with seeing things people have given up to save money. There are certain things I’ve given up myself over the last year, such as four day pub benders and ordering take-aways five days out of seven. However, there are some things I…

An image showing a parent teaching her children money skills
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The Easiest Way To Teach Children Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

Teaching children money skills is a hot debate. Who should be responsible, parents or teachers? Although financial education is now compulsory in UK schools, there is no set curriculum and free schools and academies to not follow the national curriculum anyway, meaning it is ad hoc at best. There was a time I thought more should be done in schools,…

An image of a family home to show how you can make an income from a spare room in your house
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How To Make A Lucrative Income From A Spare Room

Making a lucrative income from a spare room in your house is not as hard as it may seem. There is currently a spare room rental boom due to the lack of affordable accommodation, the taxman is on your side and it’s not exclusive to homeowners either! You can currently earn up to to £7,500 from renting out your room…

An image of a wireless router to emphasise the extra cost when you are in a broadband rolling contract
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Your Broadband Rolling Contract Is Costing You Hundreds

If you’re on a broadband rolling contract it’s costing you and many other Brits around £1.5 billion a year in wasted subscription charges you could be getting much cheaper. Out of contract broadband prices have steadily increased by 38% since 2011 for copper connections and 19% for fibre connections. In direct contrast, in-contract prices have pretty much remained steady over the same…

Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

5 Ways To Cope When Flu Season Costs You Wages

Flu season is well and truly in full swing and sometimes through no fault of our own, we cannot make it into work and it ends up costing us our wages. The problem these days is many employers don’t pay wages for any kind of sickness, meaning employees try and brave it and come to work coughing, spluttering, stuff growing…

An image to show a family protected by a watching hand to describe the need for a life insurance policy
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Why You Need A Life Insurance Policy And What They Mean

I’ve just become an uncle for the second time so it’s time to adjust my life insurance policy again. PK and I have no plans to have our own children, both of us are more than happy with being great uncles! However, it’s important to us that we leave the two littlens something when we’ve popped our clogs and have become…

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