Energy company
Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

Why Your Energy Company Is Mugging Your Loyalty Off

“Loyalty doesn’t pay where energy firms are concerned” was the first blog ever posted on Thinking Thrifty, and it seems most of us are still having our pants pulled down by our energy company. If you’re a customer of SSE, you’re likely to be one of the ones affected most by greedy energy firm bosses failing to make enough effort…

Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

How You Can Make Easy Money Online With Swagbucks

If you have never heard of Swagbucks it’s a cool way to earn easy money online in the form of cash or vouchers. Even better, this week they have an offer running where you can earn a massive 4 times more than usual. Sound interesting? It should, it’s easy money for something you’re already doing daily – surfing the internet!…

Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

Learning To Say No Will Be The Best Gift To Yourself This Christmas

At this time of year many personal finance bloggers will be giving out lots of great money saving advice and tips to help you get through Christmas. That’s fantastic, it’s what we’re here for. However, I’m here to change things up a bit. What if you could learn to say no that little bit more? Although I don’t have them…

Paypal Fraudulent activity
Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

How To Deal With PayPal Fraudulent Activity On Your Bank Account

This  morning I walked into a raft of emails in my work account. I have my eBay and PayPal linked to works email as it’s the one I tend not to ignore and check most frequently. Well, to say what I saw was a shock is an understatement. Over the weekend I have been the victim of PayPal fraudulent activity…

credit limit
Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

How Much Of Your Credit Limit Should You Use?

I was recently contacted by one of my good friends who was quite literally foaming at the mouth in anger. One of the best thing about being a personal finance blogger is a year down the line people are choosing your blog posts for you!  To improve his credit score he had taken out a high interest credit card solely…

Matched Betting
Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

No Time? No Money? No Problem! Start Matched Betting

If you’re already starting to panic about how you’re going to stretch your money over Christmas and to the end of January, matched betting could well be the answer to you enjoying a financially stress free Christmas. Christmas can leave us all with a financial hangover. The cost of presents and the various functions we’re invited to can leave our…

energy bills
Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

Why Your Energy Bills Are About To Drastically Rise

Doom and gloom I’m afraid, your energy bills are about to rise by anything up to 34%! After a brief spell of falling prices we’re all in for a shock this winter as energy bills rise beyond belief. All but one of the Big Six energy providers have bumped up their cheapest tariff costs since September with only British Gas abstaining so…

ground rent charges
Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

How To Avoid Being Conned Into Extortionate Ground Rent Charges

Reading the small print when buying a new-build home is vital if you don’t want to be caught out with extortionate ground rent charges. Ground rent charges kill the sales of homes all over the UK, but how did people manage to get themselves into this situation unknowingly? Well, the simple answer to that is not reading the small print….

too good to go
Thinking Thrifty - Money Made Simple

How ‘Too Good To Go’ Wants To Change Our Attitude Towards Waste

If the food is Too Good To Go, why waste it? I have always been disgusted at the amount of food we throw away in the UK, from household waste to commercial. We’re throwing away around 7 million tons of food from our homes every year – believe it or not, that could fill 23 million wheelie bins! Bearing this in…

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