5 Things That Require Zero Talent

Talent, it’s something we all hope we discover in ourselves one way or another.

Some we are aware of from a very young age, whilst others take time to develop or even lay hidden until we’re much older and have more free time to develop them.

However, there are so many things  you can do to aid your personal development with absolutely no talent at all.

Are you making the  most of yourself? Here’s five things that require zero talent!

Being on time

Something I struggle with, I have the ability to drive my friends crazy with it.

Friends will, or should, accept you for who you are. I’m always last minute, however when it comes to work I get there with time to spare to prepare for my day – in most cases anyway.

Rushing around in the morning greatly affects your productivity, your brain doesn’t have time to decompress and you fill it full of adrenaline and an afternoon crash invariably follows.

Get up with plenty of time to spare, slow down and arrive earlier.

Work ethic

Something I definitely don’t struggle with. My first employer was my mum back in the days she was still running pubs, and when you work for my mother, you WORK!

I always wanted to know why she seemed more harsh on me compared with the other staff if she caught me doing nothing. Her answer was simple, “you’re my son and therefore should know better!”

At that point I’d usually be handed a mop and told to clean the toilets.

It set me up for life, I went in to every job thinking I had to do more, not try and go under the radar if I couldn’t be bothered – we all have those days let’s face it.

I never stood around waiting for opportunities, I made sure the powers that be thought there was no other option for a promotion than me and I’ve been fairly successful everywhere I’ve been.

Put in the extra effort, get noticed for the right reasons and reap the rewards.


Are you always giving your best effort?

Talent is one thing, but without incredible work ethic top stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo would never had made it to the top of his profession.

What he has is an insatiable appetite to better himself and win.

I’ve trained guys in sales and have often found the people who had been around the game for a bit were a bit, shall we say cocky.

Some knew it all, after all they had a good track record in sales.

However, it was the quiet ones who had never sold on the phone before that always used to amaze me the most – one in particular who went on to be my top guy on my team.

He listened to everything I said and put in absolutely maximum effort and inside two months was top sales man not just in my office, but the country.

Make the most of what you have and always give your best effort.

Body language

This is a real pet hate of mine.

There is nothing worse than walking into an office, shop, restaurant or whatever, and seeing someone sat there slouched in a chair looking uninterested.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

If you give off a negative vibe your cards are already being marked by your employer.

Sit up straight, smile more and if you’re in sales get on your bloody feet. I’ve never met a great salesman yet that sits slouched in their chair all day!


Having a positive, can do attitude opens up so many more doors.

Honestly, try it. I never go into anything believing I can’t do it. By telling yourself you can’t you’ve already failed.

There’s a phrase I really hate that we guilty of here in the UK, particularly up North – the phrase “‘I’m not bad”.

If someone asks you how you are ditch “not bad”, what does that even mean anyway? If you’re not bad then surely you’re good? Great? Fantastic?

Anything but not bad, be positive!

What hidden talents do you have?

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19 thoughts on “5 Things That Require Zero Talent

    1. That sounds like a great idea (especially for me!) I manage to get to work on time, but my friends have now got into the habit of telling me I’m needed an hour earlier than they actually wanted to get me there on time!

  1. Hello David,
    I agree that these five things (being on time; work ethic; effort; body language; attitude) require zero talent and are extremely important in getting ahead.

    It’s great that you had your mother to help guide you at an early age, and that you were able to see the good she was doing for you.

    Fortunately, with technology being what it is today there is much help available for those who did not have a parent like yours, or for those who are chossing to do things that are not helping them. There is much to be gained from reading blogs like this; watching videos online; making use of the local library.

    Finally, I totally agree with Francesca that setting the clock several minutes ahead helps to keep us on time. My husband and I have the clocks in our home 10 minutes ahead (our sons never liked this), and the clock in the car 20 minutes ahead. I know, it’s probably weird that we don’t just have them the same 10 or 20 minutes ahead. We are rarely late. Actually, we are usually way early. To avoid wasting time we usually have a book, or something to do. If by chance we don’t have anything to do, we use the time to meditate, catch up on phone calls, etc.

    1. I think I might have to give this setting the clock later thing a go! And I couldn’t agree more, there is so much self help information online now. I’m so happy to see you have your kids reading, it was something my mother instilled with me from a very young age. I still prefer a good book to a film any day of the week! Thanks for commenting and having a read.

  2. Great advice. Aeons ago, I was stuck on benefits with nothing on paper to show I was worth employing. The only thing I had going for me were these kinds of things.

    I would also add ‘showing enthusiasm’, even when cleaning those damn toilets

    ‘grit and determination’ – sticking with it when the whole world seems to be against you. It’s much too easy to just give up and think it’s not your fault

    and ‘dress like you mean it’ – personal hygiene and clothing can say a lot about you, you don’t want what it says to be something negative
    Thrifty Lesley recently posted…Long walks and deep discountsMy Profile

    1. I couldn’t agree more Lesley. Love dress like you mean it (think there’s another blog right there), I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve interviewed someone who has come dressed to hang around with their mates. You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

  3. Having time in the morning to just sit, gather your thoughts, and plan your day & tasks are crucial. If I don’t have that time, I often end up feeling overwhelmed and unprepared, which makes for a horrible workday. Great point!

  4. I really like this list! This is a different way to look at things haha. I think being an introvert my body language can sometimes look as though I don’t care, when really I’d just rather stay to myself.

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