10 Top Home Heating Tips: For Winter Is Coming

Jon Snow has been warning us for ages, winter is coming and it’s time we started talking home heating tips!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m already freezing cold and dying of man flu, it feels like I’m living outside in a cave in this rubbish flat.

The dark nights are drawing in **sighs** and the temperature has certainly dropped.

Yes, onesie season is here – for me anyway.

Bearing all this in mind I thought I’d put together some simple home heating tips for you.

Nice easy things we can all do to stay warmer and cut down the cost of home heating.

Turn down your thermostat

Maybe not something you would expect to hear from someone who is ‘freezing to death’.

However, turning down your thermostat by one degree could save up to £65 a year off your home heating bill.

Even I would be unlikely to notice one degree difference, so chances are you won’t either!

Close the curtains and shut doors

Put wood inth ‘ole (that will be lost on anybody other than the North of England) – put the wood in the hole i.e. SHUT THE DOOR!

Oh the amount of times I heard that as a kid, alongside “was you born in a barn?”

But, as I started paying my own bills I started to understand why.

Drawing your curtains at dusk and keeping doors closed in rooms you’re heating will help to keep the heat from escaping.

If you have single glazed windows, buy thick heavy curtains and it will make a significant difference.

Bleed your radiators

OK, hands up, it’s something I still can’t do.

When it comes to DIY you’ll go far to find someone more useless than me – I always have to find someone who can!

Bleeding radiators releases trapped air and helps to make your radiator work more efficiently.

Stop heating empty rooms

That one isn’t really rocket science.

You wouldn’t make dinner for the invisible man, so why would you keep a room warm for him either?

Keep the door shut too, this ensures the rest of the house stays warm.

Your radiator isn’t a washing line

Yes it dries clothes quicker, but it also prevents the heat it creates getting to the rest of the room.

You’re sitting in the cold and wasting money, two of my biggest pet hates!

Eliminate drafts

By using draft excluders, fitting curtains on external doors and ensuring letter boxes and keyholes are not letting out all your heat, you’ll be keeping your home nice and toastie.

Wrap up

If I had a quid for every time my step dad told me to get the heating off and another layer on as a kid, I’d never have had to enter the world of employment.

However, when it comes to your own pocket, you start to see their point.

Slippers, jumpers and sitting under a blanket will help to keep you warm and means you won’t need to have the heating on so high.

Use the timer

Heating your home whilst you’re out and about is a waste of money.

But, if you’re anything like me and you hate coming home to a freezing cold house, set the heating to come on just before you’re due home.

You won’t notice the difference in temperature, but you’ll certainly notice the difference on your bill if you’ve been leaving it on.

Do the same in the morning, that way your home is warm when you wake up without having to leave it on all night when you’re under covers anyway.

Tin foil

Fitting foil behind radiators will help reflect the heat back into your rooms instead of being absorbed by the wall.

If it’s an exterior wall it works particularly well.

You can get specialist radiator tin foil, but in all honesty everyday kitchen tin foil works just as good.

Switch energy suppliers

Shop around for a better deal.

If you’re on a ‘standard plan’ you’re definitely paying more then you need to.

You can save up to £400 a year just by switching to a cheaper energy supplier.

You can find more ways to keep the cost of you energy bills down in The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Energy Bills

Do you have any tips to cut down on heating costs?

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    1. I’m just about to move from an apartment where all the bills are included to another where it’s my responsibility again so I really need to look at ways of cutting it down as much as possible. Getting my partner to switch lights off will be the biggest task!

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