DJT’s Goals For 2017 – Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Have you set your goals for 2017?

It’s that time of year where a lot us set out our goals for the year.

Some people pull their face at the ‘new year, new me’ statements you see all over social media, and in some cases they’re probably right.

Putting your money where your mouth is, is far more difficult than making bold statements to the public.

I started this blog last year with a bit of a new year, new me theme to keep me on track and accountable with my savings.

I hadn’t managed to save since being a young kid and writing it all down and putting it in the public domain definitely worked to keep me on track.

For me, it worked a treat and I finished the year way over my initial £5,000 saving target.

So, with that in mind, I thought it only fitting that this year be no different.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I want to achieve this year, and with the successes of last year under my belt I have given myself much more than saving £5,000 to work towards.

I’m now firmly setting my sites on achieving financial freedom and retirement abroad in the sun.

We’re a way off that yet which is no problem, I like my job and where I live, but the long term goal is to earn my time back.

To get this well under way I plan to achieve the following over the next twelve months.


Create several income streams

It is something that I have already started in all honesty.

However, a combination of poor time management and the lack of ability to say no to friends where going out is concerned, has meant I didn’t earn as much as I could have and that’s the truth.

Yes, I know it’s important to take time to relax, and there were few occasions last year I was feeling the burnout, but there were also many weekends wasted lounging about hungover or disco damaged.

This year I need to stop wasting valuable time and get earning more money.

eBay flipping

I’m taking the advice given to me months ago from Carl at Wiser Wealthier and I’m going to give this eBay flipping a go.

It’s basically where you keep your eye out for a bargain and then sell it on for a profit.

There are people out there who do this as a full-time living and I’ll be giving it some serious effort this year.

I’m setting myself a target of earning a minimum of £3,000 this year.

If that sounds a lot, it’s less than £300 per month and with enough effort it can certainly be achieved.

Matched betting

If you’ve never heard of matched betting it’s a risk free, tax free way to make anything up to £2,000 a month.

I didn’t get around to doing it until midway through the year and wish I’d known about it sooner.

I’ve set myself a target of earning a minimum of £20,000 from this alone this year.

To see more about how matched betting works check out my guide here. 

Freelance work

I already have a regular freelance writing and social media management gig ongoing, but I think I can afford the time to take another couple on.

I’m going to explore gaining more freelance clients over the next year to increase  my income even further.

By the end of 2017, I’m hoping to have earned at least another £10,000 in freelance work over the year.

Live off less than 50% of my earnings

The only way to really achieve financial independence and early retirement is to live off less than 50% of your earnings and investing the rest.

This was actually a goal of last year, although I did make this one midway through, I still didn’t achieve it.

This year I will definitely be putting my money where my mouth is and achieving this goal.

Friends are just going to have to get used to me saying no a lot more.

Start investing

With all the money above saved I want to really start educating myself about investing A LOT more.

There are plenty of bloggers covering this subject, giving us all access to a wealth of information (pardon the pun), there is no excuse not to start.

I have enough in emergency funds to keep me covered so everything else will be thrown into investments.

Read more FIRE related books

FIRE – Financial Independence Retire Early

If you want to keep inspired the best way is to read and listen to people who have achieved it, simple as that!

This year I want to stop watching so much crappy TV and start educating and inspiring myself more to achieve all the goals I have set out.

My goals this year are FAR more substantial, it is going to require a different type of dedication.

Write an eBook

I ghost written my first book last year, and although I was extremely proud of it, it was still slightly annoying that all that work went directly into someone else’s name.

This year I want to write my own – watch this space!

Attend more events

This was the advice drummed into me at the SHOMO Awards by Lynn at Mrs Mummy Penny.

Lynn has been there and done it, set up her blog and is now doing it full time after leaving a very successful job.

Who the hell am I to argue?

This year I’ll try my hardest to attend as many events as possible.

Maximise my time better

No more sitting around having lazy weekends.

For all the massive changes I made to my life last year, I still enjoyed way too many party weekends.

They are most certainly getting cut down hugely this year, not just for the sake of my pocket, but also my health.

It’s time I realised I’m 35 now and not 25, I only have one working kidney and it’s time to take better care of myself.

This year I need to maximise my productivity levels when they are at their peak and get much more done, as you will see below I’m going to need all the time I can get to pull those goals off.

New blog

I’m launching a new blog this year.

It’s still Top Secret at the moment, but content is already ready to go and it’s just a case of designing the layout and building it.

I’m hoping to release it by April this year, but there is no major rush, as long as it looks as good as it can be when release date finally arrives.


Now I have got to grips with blogging I want to try my hand at vlogging.

Hopefully seeing my mush on camera won’t be too horrifying for you all!

I’m setting up two vlogs, one for each blog.

Final word

As you can see, I’m going to have a very busy year.

But, just like last year I plan to put my money where my mouth is and tick them off one-by-one come the end of December 2017.

What goals have you set yourself this year?

Thinking Thrifty

Thinking Thrifty

David Naylor is the editor of the Thinking Thrifty blog. An award winning personal finance and lifestyle blogger, he shows how it is possible to live extremely well for less.
Thinking Thrifty
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5 thoughts on “DJT’s Goals For 2017 – Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

  1. Maximise your time better – so simple and yet so many of us (ok me) are rubbish at it! I definitely think that’s one I need to focus on this year! I think I was spreading myself too thinly last year and then no single income stream did much as well.
    Vicky recently posted…Save and make money with Zeek?My Profile

    1. I can totally sympathize with that. Having a full time job and so many side lines can get on top of you, at one point last year I just had to hold my hands up and admit I needed a break, I switched my phone off for 4 whole days and it was amazing the difference it made!

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