5 Thrifty Things I’ve Done This Week #1: Furniture, Nightlife & Side Hustles

It has been a good week for thrifty things in the Taylor household – a very good week!

So this is my first ever 5 Thrifty Things post and with spring approaching I have been clearing out a load of rubbish and sorting out our spare room.

It seems there are a few people / companies I know who have been on the same wavelength, as you will see in the massive freebie haul I’ve managed to get my hands on this week.

I really don’t like paying for anything unless it is absolutely necessary, I’m not materialistic and live a fairly minimalist life, so this week has been an absolute belter for me!

Here are my 5 Thrifty Things I’ve done this week!

Creating a professional work environment

Ever since I started blogging I’ve been a writing from the couch kinda guy.

Unfortunately, where once I could stay away from the many distractions around the house, now I cannot.

As I’m looking to build my freelance portfolio, I need to start taking things a bit more seriously and making a professional work space seemed the logical first place to start.

Luckily for me the company I work for is relocating to a smaller office, we have much less staff than we used to and ‘hey presto’ a huge surplus of unwanted desks.

Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I duly grabbed myself one (with permission of course) and it will sit proudly in my spare room at the weekend.

Even better, I grabbed myself a lovely, comfortable leather desk chair, two computer screens and a coat stand too!

Not bad for a days thrifty things picking and not one penny spent – HURRAH!

B&B side hustle

You may have seen the article I did recently about making an income from a spare room in your house.

Well, that was aimed at pushing PK over the line and allowing me use ours twice a week for someone I had already lined up – sorry not sorry PK.

Guess what?

It worked! We now have a guest two days a week making us more than most people charge for a weeks rent.

Think I was finished there?

No way guys! I also hooked myself a free side table from a friend who was going to bin it, which I’m using to put the spare TV on for our guest.

There isn’t a mark on it, you could easily get £40+ for it on eBay and it didn’t cost a thing – peachy!

Say goodbye to David the iguana

So recently I’ve been trying my hand at vlogging, purely in the practice stage at the moment, however the main issue I was having was filming horizontal and being able to look in the camera at the same time.

After discovering I have a talent for moving my eyes in opposite directions, I decided it wasn’t the look I was going for when the camera started to roll.

I resigned myself to saving for a proper camera, then as is by magic a free laptop landed, well, in my lap!

A friend’s firm was having a major upgrade and was offloading perfectly good, working laptops.

I grabbed myself one and I’ve sourced a web cam from another friend who wasn’t using theirs anymore.

Problem solved and still not one penny spent – can I get a hallelujah?

Free entertainment

As I was sat there minding my own business on Monday evening, I received a text  asking me could I be at Media City in Salford Quays on Tuesday.

Turns out my mate had a ticket going to be in the audience of an episode of A Question of Sport, I even got to sit right behind team Tuffers.

Lifelong ambition achieved right there – result!

Yellow ticket ninja haul

Sainsburys has been on fire this week.

The good folks of Timperley tend to do a big shop and rarely seem to buy fresh meat from my Sainsburys local.

As it’s situated roughly 200 yards from my door, it makes it easier to pop in on the regular, which I’ve done to great aplomb this week.

This week alone I have secured £32 worth of fresh meat and fish for a measly £7 – feed me Seymour, feed me now!

Final word

I think it could be quite a while until I have a freebie haul like this to talk about again.

Some of it was pure luck, other sheer cheek.

But it just goes to show, if you keep your ear to the ground there are plenty of bargains knocking around right on your own doorstep.

I’ve managed to kit out a home office and grab some furniture for my B&B side hustle just by thinking thrifty – pun intended.

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I’m linking up with this Cass, Emma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky!

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14 thoughts on “5 Thrifty Things I’ve Done This Week #1: Furniture, Nightlife & Side Hustles

    1. Hahahaha, no David the iguana is gone forever! I dropped really lucky this week, so glad I didn’t go out and buy anything now!

    1. Yeah, very lucky this week with the office move and my mates firm upgrading all their software!

    1. That was the best thing about it, I was going to have to buy a lot of that so dropped really lucky!

  1. That’s a hell of a 1st 5 frugal things post- it’s not a competition 😉

    Awesome week, I love freebies (or nearly freebies). I shared a strimmer with my dad for 3 years. Then one day, he was up the tip and heard a guy asking where to put a strimmer that worked. I think you know how this ends up… I got me a free flymo 🙂

    1. Yeah all that stuff I desperately needed so for it all to fall in my lap in a week was incredibly lucky, but awesome nonetheless!

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