5 Thrifty Things I’ve Done This Week #3 Steamers, Storage & Books

I’ve had a mix bag of thrifty things this week

The spring cleaning among my friends continues, allowing me to pick up a few more goodies that I was going to buy anyway.

Having my ear to the floor and letting people know to contact me first before binning anything (some of them are a wasteful lot) has meant I’m receiving texts every weekend with things I might want at the moment.

Here are my 5 Thrifty things this week!

Cleaning steamer

I had a phone call from my friend on Sunday to see if I’d like a barely used cleaning steamer.

It didn’t take much consideration as I tend to choke myself weekly on bleach fumes cleaning the bathrooms.

Now I can clean my bathrooms and cooker without the fear of coughing my guts up and having to blast my inhalers all day in order to breath and survive.

Being the klutz I am, I just need to make sure I don’t give myself third degree burns – cleaning will be a breath of fresh air going forward.

Documents box

The same friend called me back not an hour later with several document boxes on offer.

A quick check in the infamous ‘let’s pile all kinds of crap in here and leave it for all eternity’ drawer in kitchen, demonstrated the need for a bit more organisation when it comes to our paperwork.

I took a large one off her and now we are finally all organised.

Yellow Ticket Haul

I’ve been able to make a meal using reduced items every day again this week.

I do bloody love living near this Sainsburys and Co-Op, I’m struggling to remember the last time I paid 50% for something, let alone full price.

The freezer has been topped up with more goodies in preparation for next week, with my favourite being a pork belly joint I picked up for a paltry 84p – almost 75% off!

Thrifty Things

Free books

I finally opened a box of books that has been packed away since we moved.

There were at least ten in there that I had salvaged from the communal area in a previous property, so plenty to keep me going for now.

When I opened the first one I was surprised to see a bookmark in there introducing me to the world of Book Crossing which you can read about here.

Yoga DVD

I’ve been suffering with excruciating sciatica and can’t cope with how the medication has affected me.

Depressed, lethargic, nauseous, you name it – which amazes me since these are legal and handed to you by a doctor.

No, I decided I needed another option as the tablets I have been given knocked me sideways, thankfully the lovely Kelly from Reduced Grub sent me a link which suggested Yoga so I bought myself a cheap DVD off Amazon before I go committing to any classes.

What Thrifty Things have you done this week?

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9 thoughts on “5 Thrifty Things I’ve Done This Week #3 Steamers, Storage & Books

  1. Wow, you have been lucky with the freebies! Sorry to hear about the sciatica, I had that before when I was playing hockey every day – I had to rest for a while and it’s been fine since. I would definitely say yoga (or pilates) will help you, as your muscles could have been shortening, which would cause the pain. Take it gently though!
    Francesca – From Pennies to Pounds recently posted…How To Pay Off Debt With The Debt Avalanche MethodMy Profile

    1. Cheers Francesca. Yeah it’s been pretty grim for the last two weeks with it, it isn’t as bad at first now, but couldn’t continue on those pills they were seriously playing with my mind!

  2. Impressive yellow sticker haul..i can never seem to find stuff with more than 50% off. Hope the yoga works for your back. Pilates is also very good. Need to stengthen that core.

    1. Thanks Lynn. I’m willing to try anything after the last two weeks. Just got back from a tour around our new office, there is a Marks & Spencer which a yellow ticket heaven!

  3. It just goes to show that by putting the word out about being thrifty, all the goodies are practically being thrown at you! Well done, I love the sound of the steam cleaner myself. And I hope the sciatica responds to the DIY treatment, my husband goes down like a sack of bricks when his flares up so I know how badly it can affect you.

    1. Thanks Lee. Yeah, keep your ear to the ground. I’m back at the doctors tomorrow to let them know just pumping me full of drugs is not a solution! I’m still in pain, but nowhere near like it was a couple of weeks ago!

    1. Thanks Faith. I can’t believe what some people just chuck away. This all started when I hit the roof over her binning a lovely coffee table because it was’old’. 2 year old to be precise, and it cost a fortune bought new!

  4. I am so glad to hear that other people are rescuing perfectly good stuff from landfill! My husband and I much prefer to source our furniture secondhand, and we always check the yellow sticker sections in the supermarket (although we’ve had slim pickings in Morrisons and Tesco recently). I’m already scouting for “new” furniture when we move house… 😉
    Catherine Green recently posted…My Spiritual Journey: Reiki and Distance HealingMy Profile

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