7 cost effective things to do at the most depressing time of the year

Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, is fast approaching and with money tight after the festive period it can seem that staying in and riding it out is the only option.

With that in mind we have put together a list of cost effective / free activities to do in January whilst you watch the pennies.

winter walk

Take a winter walk

Now I can imagine that some kids might give a bit of hesitation at the mention of a walk, but why not try and combine that with a photography session? Pretty much all of us carry around a camera in our pockets these days on our smartphones so there is no need to go out and purchase an expensive camera.

Make a list of things to spot and photograph and even make it into a competition with the best photos from each category making the fridge. It will pass a few hours as well as getting some exercise in the lovely fresh air.


Visit a museum

They are usually free entry and are an underrated activity in my book! Search for local museums in your area and match them up to your interests. Personally, anything with dinosaurs and Egyptian mummies is right up my street.




Go to a farm

Who doesn’t love a trip to a farm to see the animals? Again, they are usually free or very little in terms of entry. You can also use the photography idea suggested for a winter walk if you’re taking children along for the trip.



Bike ride

Get on your bike

Plan a bike ride and take in some of the local scenery. Anything that gets the blood pumping and you out in the fresh air is always better than sitting around bored.







Usually a cost effective activity in your local leisure centre etc.



martial arts

Martial arts taster sessions

Many self-defence classes will offer a free or cheap taster session to see if it something you might like to take up. You never know, there might be a hobby knocking about that you would never have known about!




pay it forward

Do something nice for someone

My favourite one on the list by far. Do you have an elderly relative or know someone in your local area who would appreciate a helping hand? Why not help them out. Help clear the dead leaves from the garden. Get the flower beds weeded and ready for spring. It’s free, it’s good exercise and it’s guaranteed to give you a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you helped out somebody who needed it.

What cost effective activities are you doing to this January? Please leave comments below.


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