How I Created An Abundance Mentality

It seems that much of today’s society is built on a scarcity mentality. A scarcity mentality tells you there is something lacking in your life, there are no opportunities. Advertisers and marketers love this of course, as if there is a lack, they can target you to buy stuff. An economy thrives by reinforcing a scarcity mentality in people.

A scarcity mentality can torment you, creating anxiety, desperation and fear. An abundance mentality speaks out to you and tells you there are plenty of opportunities out there for you, plenty of new chances, taking away the pressure of a scarcity mentality that convinces you that time is now, you only have one shot at this!

You can feel like a failure just because something you attempted didn’t quite work out. Taking the abundance mentality will help you improve performance as you create a lot less pressure and anxiety within your own mind.

Here is how I switched from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality.


Check for symptoms of a scarcity mentality

Do you take things too seriously? You may think to yourself if you fail at something your whole world will fall apart. It won’t, so remind yourself of that. If you think it will, the nerves kick in and BAM, you have invited failure and the negativity associated with it becomes a huge obstacle in your path.

If you’re playing football your first touch might be heavy and you lose the ball. You could be on a date and come across as timid and nervous and nothing like you usual outgoing self. If you haven’t slept properly it could lead you to perform badly in an exam.

Take back control, regain your empowerment and remind yourself of all the opportunities you’ve had in life and know that these opportunities will continue to come if you believe in them.

Focus on abundance, not the lack of

Whatever we focus on, we see in our world. If you believe and focus on the lack of opportunity, you won’t see any it’s as simple as that. When I believed I didn’t have any spare money to save, I lived payday to payday. When I told myself I would never be able to own my own home, I got stuck in a rut of renting and never even considered the possibility of making changes to allow me to save money.

You can’t see every single thing around you, which means your reticular activation system (focus system of the mind) brings into focus what your thoughts are. If your thoughts are negative you will not allow yourself to make a change.

Allow yourself to see the abundance in the world that you’re missing out on right now. If you have a lack of money, stop focusing on the lack and instead think of all the opportunities out there to make more money. Before long ideas and opportunities to make that happen will start appearing from everywhere.

Appreciate what you have

The easiest way to stop thinking about what you don’t have is to appreciate. Appreciate your life, your family, the roof over your head, the food on your table etc. This not only turns a negative mood into a more positive one within minutes, it also helps you to see the opportunities you may have missed or simply forgotten about.

Appreciation creates a more open vibe within you making it easier to focus on the abundance. Make a habit of appreciating something in you life for just a few minutes a day and check the difference in your attitude.

Get yourself organised

Get your home clean, put your belongings neatly away and get your finances organised. If you have order and discipline you will see results. If you are struggling to feel abundant or good about your life in general it can mean things are not in order.

Surround yourself with abundant people

This was a big one for me. The very moment I removed the negative people out of my life I saw a real change in my attitude. It is quite scary just how much other people’s attitude can rub off on you and lower your mood, expectations and ambitions.

Start hanging about with people who have an abundance mentality. Read people’s success stories on personal development blogs, watch and read plenty of personal development material. Always be selective about what you put into your mind and create an environment of abundance.

Advertising and media will also create a scarcity mentality so record your favourite TV shows and just skip the adverts.


If you feel you’ve not got enough love, give some away. If you feel you don’t have enough money, give some away. Not enough recognition? Give some away. It’s difficult to feel scarce when you’re giving it away.

Everything is win, win

A scarcity mentality often leads you to see everything as a win-lose situation. It’s you or them and you’d prefer it to be you. On the other hand, people with an abundance mentality create mutually beneficial relationships so that both parties may win. Instead of winning an argument try to come to a mutual agreement that you can both be happy with (I still need more work here as my friends will vouch for). Don’t compete, collaborate!

Keep reminding yourself

We all know how easy it is to slip back into bad habits and old thought patterns. Use external reminders, place notes in places you will see them often, around the house or you work station for example. Seeing words and quotes that remind you of your new found abundance mentality will ensure you keep in the correct head space.
So, which category do you fall into? Scarcity mentality or abundance mentality?

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    1. I totally agree Francesca. Good things come to those who get off their arse and grab it!

    1. Not tacky at all! Much of my inspiration for this journey has came from reading personal finance blogs and self help books. I had the initial epiphany, but these guys have proved it works which makes early retirement much more tangible. That’s one I haven’t read yet, I’ll give it a go! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

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