Approved Food Review: Just How Good Is It?

A few weeks ago I went on a road trip to Sheffield to visit the Approved Food factory with a few of the other UK Money Bloggers.

If you have never heard of Approved Food, they’re the largest online retailer of short-dated food.

What I witnessed was an incredible, slick operation, which was the brainchild of Dan Cluderay who, with his wife, threw himself into self-employment after being made redundant from his job at Sony Ericsson back in 2001.

Starting off as market traders selling short-dated stock, they quickly progressed into the food wholesale sector supplying other market traders.

After finding success as a wholesaler, he and his wife Nicola moved into their own retail outlets selling to the public and wholesale traders, which later evolved into the the amazing brand you see today!

In 2009, Approved Food was born!


Best before, not use before

We binned a disgraceful seven million tons of food last year in the UK, what’s worse, at least half of it was still perfectly fine to eat.

This is where Approved Food comes into its own.

They sell short-dated stock, and even stock that has gone past its best before date, but is still fine to eat.

As the stock is short-dated, it is heavily reduced, and I mean heavily!

The average customer saves about 70% using Approved Food – that’s quite some discount.

So, I have put it to the test!

How good is Approved Food?

First of all, in the interest of transparency, Approved Food gave me £40 to shop on their online store to test it out, in return for an honest review.

One thing is certain, you are not going to be able to do a full shop using it.

However, with thousands of new products coming in every day, you’ll be hard pressed not to find enough items to make up an order.

I used mine, mainly, to take care of lunches at work to stop me buying food whilst I’m at the office, but I also found a couple of other amazing bargains for around the house too.

Here is what I bought:

3 for £0.99 I saved £4.98 ( 83% )
3 for £2.25 I saved £3.75 ( 63% )
English Fayre Worcester Sauce 150ml
Best Before: 31st May 2018
4 for £3.00 I saved £1.00 ( 25% )
2 for £1.00 I saved £1.00 ( 50% )
Heinz Cream Of Tomato Soup 79g
Best Before: 31st Aug 2017
12 for £3.96 I saved £8.04 ( 67% )
Heinz Cream Of Chicken Soup 57g
Best Before: 31st Aug 2017
3 for £0.99 I saved £2.01 ( 67% )
Heinz Vegetable Soup 75g
Best Before: 31st Aug 2017
3 for £0.99 I saved £2.01 ( 67% )
Maggi So Tender Italian Herbs Chicken 23g
Best Before: 28th Feb 2017
4 for £1.00 I saved £2.56 ( 72% )
Maggi So Juicy Rustic Beef One Pot 40g
Best Before: 31st Jan 2017
4 for £1.00 I saved £2.56 ( 72% )
Santa Maria Enchilada Kit 460g
Best Before: 29th Nov 2016
1 @ £0.99 I saved £2.20 ( 69% )
Princes Tuna Fillers Mediterranean 100g
Best Before: 30th Sep 2017
2 for £1.50 I saved £0.50 ( 25% )
Heinz Pasta Tomato and Mascarpone 53g
Best Before: 20th May 2017
3 for £0.99 I saved £1.26 ( 56% )
Heinz Pasta Tomato and Chilli 58g
Best Before: 24th May 2017
3 for £0.99 I saved £1.26 ( 56% )
1 @ £1.49 I saved £2.30 ( 61% )
Santa Maria Classic Mexican Salsa Mild 230g
Best Before: 14th Mar 2017
2 for £1.50 I saved £1.68 ( 53% )
Sharwoods Balti Cooking Sauce 420g
Best Before: 30th Jun 2018
1 @ £0.99 I saved £0.80 ( 45% )
2 for £0.20 I saved £1.80 ( 90% )
Hakkai Chinese Hakka Seasoning Masala 50g
Best Before: 28th Feb 2016
1 @ £0.10 I saved £0.40 ( 80% )
1 @ £0.10 I saved £0.40 ( 80% )
1 @ £0.10 I saved £0.40 ( 80% )
1 @ £0.10 I saved £0.40 ( 80% )
Lobo Chinese Five Spiced Blend 65g
Best Before: 5th Jun 2016
1 @ £0.25 I saved £0.75 ( 75% )
2 for £0.98 I saved £2.02 ( 67% )
Don Mario Fusilli 500g
Best Before: 30th Jun 2018
1 @ £0.59 I saved £0.41 ( 41% )
Don Mario Chopped Tomatoes With Herbs 400g
Best Before: 30th Sep 2017
3 for £0.99 I saved £1.08 ( 52% )
1 @ £0.99 I saved £0.51 ( 34% )
Tassimo Kenco Colombian 16 T DISCs
Best Before: 10th Apr 2017
1 @ £2.99 I saved £3.00 ( 50% )
1 @ £3.99 I saved £2.01 ( 34% )
1 @ £1.49 I saved £0.51 ( 26% )
1 @ £1.49, I saved £1.01 ( 40% )


Approved Food gave me £40 to shop on their online store to test it out, in return for an honest review.

Final word

All in all I saved a whopping £52.61 from the RRP price of £90.60 – incredible!!!

This is all stuff I will absolutely use, if not all at once.

As you can see from the best before dates, some are close to their date, some are even past, but I can confirm EVERYTHING I have tried so far has been perfect quality.

That date really is nothing but a guideline, an over exaggerated guideline in my humble opinion!

The delivery service was fairly prompt, receiving my order 48 hours after placing it.

I hate shipping costs as a rule, but you can’t deny with the savings you make it balances itself out.

I have to say it is a big thumbs up from me!

Thinking Thrifty

Thinking Thrifty

David Naylor is the editor of the Thinking Thrifty blog. An award winning personal finance and lifestyle blogger, he shows how it is possible to live extremely well for less.
Thinking Thrifty
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3 thoughts on “Approved Food Review: Just How Good Is It?

  1. I am a huge fan of Approved Food after I discovered it via another thrifty lifestyle blog early last year. Trouble is, I order so much stuff and then have nowhere to stash it (I had to clear a cupboard in the living room!) But the bargains are amazing, and for my snack-obsessed family, it’s a great way to save money, have the food we like, and know that we are helping to reduce waste at the same time. Oh, and they now have a growing selection of organic, healthy living foods that I am exploring which is fantastic 🙂
    Catherine Green recently posted…Losing a Family PetMy Profile

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