April: The Turd Sandwich of 2016

April, I’m glad to see the back of you!

But, if you haven’t sussed it out, this month has been a bit of a mixed bag.

I’m going all sales manager on your ass and bringing out one of the old classics – only this time on myself.

I have used this countless times on members of my various teams over the years.

You know the old faithful, “let’s start with what you did great this month”, followed by what you bombed at, followed by what targets you are going to set yourself and how you’re going to achieve them with your renewed positive attitude…

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, the Turd Sandwich!

Turd sandwich

April was a spectacular fall from grace. April was a monumental Turd Sandwich

I still have much to learn in the art of self control, it’s something I would never deny.

On that basis I suppose it’s only fitting that I give myself the Turd Sandwich analysis.

What I Did Well This Month

Despite my numerous and varied shenanigans this month, I still managed to save exactly the same amount I have done every month since the start of the year.

£1,600 banked so far when for years I’ve told myself my costs are too high to save anything. Progress!

I was also added to the Modest Money list of top finance bloggers list, starting off in a respectable 411. All-in-all, it has been a massive swing in attitude year on the whole.

Turd Alert!

Paid four days early the day before Easter Bank Holiday weekend + partner in crime on days off = Idiots

I’ve made no secret of the fun budget I put in place since I set off on my journey towards financial freedom.

The only slight issue I had with that this month was I blew it on the opening weekend. I slipped back into my old ways and spent Friday to Monday in the pub.

A momentary blip, or so I thought…

No, I wasn’t finished there. One of my friends Schlongers (AKA Sarah Longsdale), was sadly leaving our work family.

Just like any good friends would, we arranged a leaving meal – The Last Supper – as it was later named.

To everyone’s astonishment, I went straight home after the meal had finished ready for an early start in work the next day.

So far so good

Turned out Schlongers’ leaving meal was just for her close friends, there was still leaving drinks with half the company to look forward to yet.

And this my friends, is where all communication with HQ was lost.

When your friend waves goodbye at her leaving drinks on Friday, you really have no business leaving on Sunday!

Looking Forward

Draped in guilt, I upped my pension contribution to 8%. That’s a rise of 5%, I figured if I could find money for a month of madness like this it was time to increase it.

I’ll be looking to increase it even further in the upcoming months.

£400 was the maximum saving allowance last month, and the two that preceded it.

This month, £400 was the minimum saving allowance – I wanted to crank it up and put even more away.

Three months into this challenge I adjusted my goal. Owning my own house became the first hurdle, not the end game.

Final Thoughts

Anyone can fall off the wagon. April was my fall from grace. However, realising your mistakes and rectifying them swiftly is what really matters. Good habits form over time.

Have you ever had a momentary blip on the way to your savings goal? If so, how did you get back on the wagon?

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3 thoughts on “April: The Turd Sandwich of 2016

  1. Easter weekend + a 5 week month was a total killer for me as well in April!!

    I’ve actually came to dread bank holidays now!

    1. Thankfully I managed to keep it to a level this time! I do wish they’d spread them out a bit more though. Four in two months is a bit excessive.

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