August: Online Earnings And Match Betting Update

Online earnings, match betting and sponsored posts aside, what a month you were August!

So, first and foremost – redundancy. I survived the cull! Wooooohoooo!

Talk about small margins, I was set to be told I was being made redundant on the Thursday four weeks ago, by Friday morning things had changed and I was informed I was staying put.


This is where I do have to say a huge thank you to my boss. He had actually gone out and found me a job to walk straight into should the worse have come to the worse.

It was nice to see my hard work and loyalty had paid off and someone thought enough of me to show such a fantastic gesture.

Things are already looking up at work and we should be OK from here on in.

August online earnings match betting sponsored posts

First award nomination

I found this out a few weeks back but have kept it quiet, on here at least. I received notification from fellow UK personal finance blogger Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash and UK Money Bloggers, to inform me I had made the final six in the Best Newcomer Award at the SHOMOS (Show Me The Money Blogger Awards).

A proud moment after just over eight months blogging. So this Saturday I’ll be heading off to the big smoke to the conference and award ceremony.

It should be a great chance to network with other bloggers and brands to push Thinking Thrifty even further.

I’m looking forward to hearing all the hints and tips from some of the UK’s biggest personal finance bloggers.

I’ll let you know how I get on – fingers crossed!

Moving house might be brought forward

Time is running out for me in this flat. I hate it, plain and simple. But, my infamously placid other half has now piped up too, so it must be serious.

I’m looking to up my game considerably to increase my earnings and save more.

Luckily, as you’ll find out further down, things are looking good there too.

With each passing month I find more opportunities to earn. The more I earn, the more I can save.

If I really get going in the last four months of this year, hopefully I can get us moved as close to the new year as possible.


For the second time in two months I bucked the summer trend of page views and visitors decreasing.

I recorded my best ever month for visitors and page views and all of a sudden I’m seeing more organic traffic.

Some of my articles are appearing on the first page of Google with certain search terms – something I thought I’d have to wait forever for.

Another great big tick for August – hell yeah!

Blog earnings

Sponsored Posts £0

Affiliates £160.00

Total Earnings £160.00 ( £50.00)

For the second month in a row I didn’t take on any sponsored posts, I had offers but I didn’t think they fitted into the theme of this blog and I turned them down.

Affiliates are up which is good, however, it’s something I really need to work harder on. Hopefully I’ll pick up plenty of hints and tips at the SHOMOS.

Other online earnings

Freelance Writing £200.00

Virtual Assistant £350

Match Betting £260.00

Total August Online Earnings £810.00 ( £450.00)

This is where I increased my earnings massively. The VA gig I took on a commission basis is looking like an extremely shrewd move.

My estimation that it would be more profitable to work without a fee has paid off and they couldn’t be happier. (Pretty happy myself too!)

Freelance writing was up this month, although after a busy month I didn’t take on as much as I liked.

I’ve been asked to ghost write a book and it’s taken up much of my time, as soon as it’s out the way I’ll be on the look out for more opportunities.

I’ve still been very lazy on the whole matched betting thing. This is the one thing I will be making a concerted effort to improve.

It’s an easy £2,000, as proved  by many other UK Money Bloggers. There really is no excuse and if I’m going to move quicker than planned, it is something that must be done.

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Savings update

My savings for the mortgage deposit have now reached £4,850. Meaning I’m just £150 shy of the years target eight months on in August – brilliant!

It just goes to show you with a bit more thought about where your money is going, a plan of action and change in mindset, anything can be achieved.


Some of you will know I joined the Yakezie Challenge back in June with the aim of increasing my Alexa Ranking.

Safe to say, it bloody works a treat. My ranking has soared these last two months and currently stands at:

  • Global Ranking 463,569 (up 355,735)
  • UK Ranking 17,050 (up 13,416)

Breaking the global top 200,000 in six months still looks achievable.

Final word

August was an emotional month that ended well. Earnings are continuing to grow, as is the blog. I’ve come a long way in eight months and I’m still learning every day.

Hopefully when I’m rounding up September I’m telling you about a new award.

But, on a serious note, it was incredible just to be nominated and down to the final six.

London here we come!

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    1. It’s for a friend of mine Francesca. He was just starting out so I helped him by not taking any money upfront. I knew it would work out better for both of us in the long run (or hoped) haha. Onward and upward!

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