How To Avoid Being Hit By The New UK ATM Scam

ATM fraud at UK cash machines increased by 20% in 2015 to £32.7m – a massive increase.

Although, prior to chip and PIN in 2004 the level of fraud at the ATM was £74.6m, so huge strides have been made.

But with scammers, where there’s a will, there’s a way and they are back with yet another scam to con you out of your hard earned money.

Distraction scam

Bank customers have been falling victim up and down the UK to a ‘distraction scam’, where the criminal simply distract you long enough at the cash machine and gains full access to your account.

The problem has become so bad that the guys over at Barclays have released a new video warning the public of the scam, and advise how to avoid falling victim to it.

The clip shows a man using an ATM when a woman behinds him drops her bag on the floor directly behind him.

Turning to help her pick up her belongings, he is distracted long enough for her accomplice, using the adjacent ATM, snatched the victim’s card after already spying his PIN number.

Now he has the card and PIN number theoretically he can now go and withdraw the man’s daily limit from his account.

    A spokesman for Barclays said: “Barclays is determined to do all it can to combat fraud.

    “We’ve had a media campaign across all of our different channels, direct mails, in-branch posters and ATMs, so it actually just felt like a really natural step to put our weight behind this campaign.”

    Tips to keep your details safe

    • Don’t let anyone distract you at the ATM, keep focused on what you’re doing. Whatever it is, it can wait!
    • Always cover your PIN when in shops or using the ATM
    • Ignore anyone who speaks to you at the ATM, regardless of how ignorant you might feel – How terribly un-British, but safer nonetheless!
    • Don’t use the ATM if you feel there is someone who looks suspicious hanging around
    • Call your bank immediately if you suspect that you PIN or other security details have been compromised

    Final word

    Those tips may seem fairly obvious, and so they should. However, people are still getting caught out and fraud is on the increase again.

    Stay vigilant and one step ahead of the scammers!

    Have you ever fell victim to ATM fraud?

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