Is Blog On Worth It For Money Bloggers?

I’ve just had an extremely busy weekend, starting with a trip to London for the UK Money Bloggers conference / SHOMO Awards, followed by the Blog On Christmas Conference in my home town Manchester the next day.

Now, it has to be said, I’m not a particularly good conference person.

For someone so loud and outgoing, for one reason or another, I seem to shrink at these type of events, trying for dear life not to drop any F-bombs where they have no business, or blurting out anything completely and utterly inappropriate with nerves.

More than anything, I struggle with the sheer volume of new people coming at me all at once, a situation that turns on my people watch function, preventing me from engaging with anyone properly.

This year at the SHOMOS I was much more relaxed than the previous year, when I literally didn’t know a single person there.

This time I was meeting up with friends – totally different scenario altogether.

I attended the first Blog On of the year in May and in all honesty I was a total shambles.

Put me in a room with alcohol and a nervous DJT is only going to do one thing – get absolutely rat arsed!

Which is precisely what I proceeded to do at the Blog On launch party the night before.

It led me to rock up the following day for the conference a bit spangled, unprepared and running late.

No business cards, no notepad, no feckin clue what I was doing at all.

I aimlessly wandered around without a plan of what I wanted to actually get from the event.

This time, I’m glad to report I wasn’t such a massive bell end.

Is Blog On worth attending as a money blogger?


The event is very much tailored towards parent bloggers in a brand sense.

It’s mainly kids and ladies type stuff, however there are a few exceptions as I found on Sunday.

I went in there with the attitude that it’s still good practice talking to them and breaking out of my shell a bit, regardless of if it’s my bag or not.


This is where Blog On kicks ass in my opinion.

There were some great seminars on a range of different aspects of blogging.

The interactive seminars are held by successful bloggers, business owners, life and business coaches, and to be perfectly honest you’d go a long way before you find someone more knowledgeable.

I chose to attend three:

  • How to create a media pack
  • An Instagram masterclass
  • Facebook Live training

The seminars are in no way tailored to parent style blogging, in fact anyone wanting to make blogging their full time earner should give attending this event some serious consideration – unless you already know it all, of course 😉

At £50 for a ticket, it’s a snip for the expert advice you can get your hands on, in my humble opinion anyway.

Coming back inspired

It’s no lie to say I’ve come from the event feeling more inspired than ever.

I took so much from the seminars this time, made a shit load of notes and have spent the last two days making a solid plan of action for the next stage of this blog.

I think it’s safe to say you’re going to be seeing a lot more of my mug in the up and coming months.

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7 thoughts on “Is Blog On Worth It For Money Bloggers?

  1. Glad to hear the seminars are worth it. I’ve never been to a conference – still getting up my nerve – but might try to make the next BlogOn as it does sound helpful. Only problem is it’s a bit of a drive for me and the cost of a hotel, but maybe worth making a weekend out of it!

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