Book Crossing: Time To Stop Being Shelf-ish

I have long been accused of being a hoarder by PK, something I have always vehemently denied.

Yet, every time we have come to move properties over the last eleven years (there has been a lot of moves), I am presented with the question, “are you finally going to get rid of these books now?”

I generally agree they are going to charity, sneak them into a box labelled kitchen or something of the like, and they survive another move.

The score currently stand at DJT 7 – PK 0.

The reason why I started this blog originally, was when our ex landlord sold the apartment we were living in from under us and we had to move out rapid.

Within that complex was a lovely communal area where PK discovered, just as we were about to move, people were leaving their used books for other residents to read.

Obviously seeing a chance to unload all mine, he directed me to it and insisted that I left all my lovely books behind.

What actually happened was I picked up about ten more and sneaked them with me too.

Starting to read more again

Day-to day life, work and blogging have taken over this past 15 months or so and I haven’t been doing much reading.

I have, very purposely, still not connected the internet to the new property almost four months after moving in, as I felt it was the only way for me to limit the amount of TV I watched.

It’s worked, when there isn’t much choice, you’re a whole lot more selective about what you watch – none of this let’s give it try and see how it goes business.

Last night I broke into one of the stealth boxes of books I had brought with me again and was instantly drawn to Empire Falls by Richard Russo.

And, much to my surprise I found this…

Book Crossing

What were the chances?

A initiative to get people to release their books for others to enjoy?

PK’s dreams could have finally come true!

What is Book Crossing?

It is the World’s Library!

A celebration of literature where old, unused books get a new lease of life.

Book Crossing is the act of giving a book a unique identity so, as the book passes from reader to reader, it can be tracked and thus connecting its readers.

There are currently 1,730,402 BookCrossers and 11,881,672 books traveling throughout 132 countries.

Pretty awesome eh?

How do they do it?

Label. Share. Follow!

Instead of leaving your old books sat there collecting dust, you pass them on to another reader.

Book Crossing’s online archival and tracking system allows members to connect with other readers, journal and review literature and trade and follow their books as lives are changed through ‘reading and releasing’.

Users are able to tag and track their individual books by marking them with BCIDs (Book Crossing Identity Numbers).

Each BCID is unique to each book, once the book is added to the Book Crossing website and given its own tracking code, it can be followed and journaled forever.

It’s free to join and play.

Book reviews

Only yesterday I was been speaking with a friend about locating books for as little as possible and reviewing them in the lifestyle section of Thinking Thrifty to get me reading regularly again.

It really must have been fate and I’ve already made a start.

What I will commit to doing is sending the book I have been reading to the first person who asks for it, I’ll  even cover the postage.

All I ask in return is that you pass on the book and log it on the Book Crossing website so I can see how far it travels.

If nobody comes forward and wants the book, I’ll stash it somewhere local to me for it to be found by and unsuspecting reader.

It looks like the book Gods are smiling down on not only me, but PK as well this time!

Keep your eye out for the review on Empire Falls by Richard Russo, it’s proving to be a bit of a belter!

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5 thoughts on “Book Crossing: Time To Stop Being Shelf-ish

    1. Yeah it’s a great idea but kind of ruins it if you don’t log where it has gone. Hopefully I can send it to one of my readers every month and keep them moving!

  1. Love this idea! I’ve been wanting to downsize my book collection and was planning to bring them all to the used bookstore for credit. But I just may need to do this for some of my favorite books!

  2. This is a great initiative, but I’m not sure I can release my precious books into the wild! In fact, we are looking to move house now because I need space to store (and display) my collection, which is currently scattered between our house and my in-laws’ spare bedroom 😉
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