Your Broadband Rolling Contract Is Costing You Hundreds

If you’re on a broadband rolling contract it’s costing you and many other Brits around £1.5 billion a year in wasted subscription charges you could be getting much cheaper.

Out of contract broadband prices have steadily increased by 38% since 2011 for copper connections and 19% for fibre connections.

In direct contrast, in-contract prices have pretty much remained steady over the same period of time, and this my friends is where we’re going wrong.

Continuing with the same provider on a broadband rolling contract is costing you £105 a year more than you need to pay.

Would you throw £105 in the bin? Burn it? Flush it down the loo?

No, of course you wouldn’t!

However, handing it over to your broadband provider is no different.

In this article I’m going to show you how to play the broadband system so you can get yourself a MUCH better deal!

Line rental is the killer

Whether you’re a copper connection customer or you’re on fibre, your line rental has seen some pretty hefty increases over the last five years – a 37% increase to be precise.

It’s adding an extra £216 a year to your bill, £58 more than five years ago!

There has never been a greater need for making sure you aren’t overpaying on the rest of it.

How to play the system

There is nothing worse as a loyal customer than seeing all the fantastic, tempting offers thrown the way of new customers.

Sometimes, after years of loyal service, you sit back and watch whilst new customers pay less than half the price you are, and it’s insanely annoying!

Anyone who has ever tried to call their supplier and asked to move to one of these all singing, all dancing, new customer offers will tell you the supplier will reply with a standard Foxtrot Oscar.

But, there is a way to cheat the system if your prices have risen whilst in contract and you want to move for a cheaper deal.

If your broadband provider has increased their prices on you during your contract you have the right to leave.

You must contact your provider and let them know your intentions to leave within 30 days of receiving notice of the price increase.

They are then left with two options, fight to keep you with a better offer, or let you leave to find a cheaper solution.

I have lost count over the year of the amount of times I have spoken to a TV / broadband provider to say I want to reduce my package.

Nine times out of ten they have given me the channels I’m looking to lose for free, usually for six months.

You do need to let them know before that six months is up that you still don’t want it or the charges kick back in again, so make sure you set reminders if you go down this route.

However, if you want to leave completely for a better deal, you’re within your rights to do so.

Final word

Not everyone will want to switch broadband providers, especially if you are happy with the service, if not the price.

But you should never leave yourself stuck in the rut of a broadband rolling contract, there will be a better deal out there for you, and nobody is so rich they have money to throw away!

If you really don’t want to switch providers then at least call to arrange a new contract with them.

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Thinking Thrifty

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Thinking Thrifty
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    1. Absolutely! I know friends who are doing the same on their mobiles, effective repaying for a phone they have already paid for. They will all listen eventually haha!

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