How To Save Money Buying Contact Lenses Online

I’m a danger to myself and others if I don’t have my contact lenses in, walking around like Mr Magoo is just not an option, but I was shocked to find out the difference in price when comparing high the street opticians and buying contact lenses online.

We were visiting the dragon (my mother-in-law) a few years back, when she shown me a box of contact lenses she had bought online.

Admittedly I was fairly sceptical and imagined they wouldn’t be up to the job, she assured me otherwise and ordered me some on her account anyway, using my prescription I had from the opticians.

I agreed to give them a whirl as I tend to fall asleep on the couch a lot and found myself waking up with my monthly disposable contact lenses still in regularly, they’d been left in far longer than recommended and were making my eyes sore, however the daily alternatives from my opticians were out of my budget.

She matched them up to the brand I was wearing and daily disposables were priced at just over a quarter of what my monthly contact lenses were costing.

It turned out to be a very good decision after all, they worked in exactly the same way as the high street contact lenses I’d been using for years, with the added benefit I could simply bin them with no cleaning whatsoever and the less than attractive permanent pink eye I’d been rocking for months was no more.

Why you should be buying contact lenses online

Online retailers such as Vision Direct have made it far cheaper buying contact lenses online.

When I was using monthly disposable contact lenses they were costing me over £35 per month, the contact lenses I managed to match up to the brand I was using were daily disposables (much more convenient for a lazy git like me), most importantly they were £10 for a month’s supply (at the time).

As I mentioned above, the cost of daily disposables from my optician were way out of my price range, they can be considerably higher than they cost online.

It also gave me the ability to buy in bulk and stock pile them, saving me even more money.

At Vision Direct, you get 10% off your first order with the code SURPRISE (plus free postage when you spend over £49)

Am I better taking a monthly contact lenses scheme?

They can be tempting as they are usually cheaper and tend to come complete with contact lenses, cleaning solution and aftercare appointments for one set price – bargain right?

However, buying your own contact lenses and booking aftercare appointments separately will still work out much cheaper in most cases, plus there is no need for solution if daily disposable lenses are are suddenly in your price range. 

You are well within your rights to ask your optician for your prescription to look for cheaper alternatives by buying contact lenses online. You are not obliged to buy your contact lenses from them and shopping online could save you a packet over the year.

Important information to consider if buying contact lenses online

Before buying contact lenses online you should make sure you’ve had a recent check up at an optician to ensure your prescription is up to date.

Look after your eyes by booking regular check ups.

If you’re buying contact lenses online it’s a good idea to have regular check ups to make sure the contact lenses you are using are right for you.

***This post was written in collaboration with Vision Direct, all thoughts and opinions are my own***

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Contact lenses prescriptions are pretty costly, especially if you are looking to buy daily disposables. However, buying contact lenses online can save £100s

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21 thoughts on “How To Save Money Buying Contact Lenses Online

  1. This is a really helpful post. My partner just found out that he’s had his prescription wrong for years buying contacts, from -3 to -5! I’ll definitely be letting him know how much cheaper it is to buy online!

  2. This is such a helpful post for people who need products to help with their vision. You really brought me back in time when you mentioned Mr. Magoo, my dad showed me that cartoon as a child! It’s great that these things are much cheaper to buy online, always great to save a few pennies!

  3. I only use glasses for distance so I don’t think that contacts are an option for me. I do buy my glasses online though and everyone is amazed when I show them the price comparison.
    (hubby helping out)

  4. I’ve never tried wearing contacts, mostly because I only need my glasses so very part time… but to say I love a bargain… I’ve had the same frames for my glasses since I was in high school bahaha!

  5. I’ve heard contact lenses are really expensive so it’s great if you can get them cheaper online! I desperately need some new glasses for computer work at the moment but they are so pricey!

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