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Basic Bank Accounts: Why are the banks taking us for FUNTs?

FUNT is a term coined back in 2008 for somebody who is ‘Financially UNTouchable’ And unbelievably, there are still over one million people in the UK do not currently have their own bank account, a rather shocking statistic really when you consider a basic bank account could help them into the banking system. There is just one small problem –…

Own house

Help to Buy ISA – The 1st step towards my own home

Help to Buy ISA officially opened! I did it. I got to the end of January with a whole £60 left in my back pocket when usually I’d have been borrowing from January 2nd. Not a lot, but a lot more than I ever expected in my wildest dreams. Dare I say I’m actually enjoying living the frugal life? How…


Credit Builder: Can it help a poor credit history?

Credit builder could be a way for you to have a completed loan appear on your credit file without the risk of running up unnecessary debts. People who have had little or poor credit history can often find it difficult to obtain credit as to lenders they are not seen as a particularly safe bet. I found this out for…

credit cards

Purchase protection – Know your rights.

A girl in my office was left seething today after being ripped off by an unscrupulous trader on the internet. She had made the mistake of purchasing from a dodgy website. The Michael Korrs bag she was expecting to receive was nothing more than a very cheap counterfeit. Having realised she had used a MasterCard credit card to pay for…

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