DJT’s Goals For 2017 – Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Have you set your goals for 2017? It’s that time of year where a lot us set out our goals for the year. Some people pull their face at the ‘new year, new me’ statements you see all over social media, and in some cases they’re probably right. Putting your money where your mouth is, is far more difficult than making…

Thinking Thrifty

Happy First Birthday Thinking Thrifty

One year of Thinking Thrifty, WOW! Where did that go? It’s 12 months to the day since I launched the Thinking Thrifty blog purely to keep me on track with my saving. I had the initial goal of saving enough for a mortgage deposit for my first house, £5,000 was my target back then, I wasn’t expecting things to escalate…

Paypal Fraudulent activity

How To Deal With PayPal Fraudulent Activity On Your Bank Account

This  morning I walked into a raft of emails in my work account. I have my eBay and PayPal linked to works email as it’s the one I tend not to ignore and check most frequently. Well, to say what I saw was a shock is an understatement. Over the weekend I have been the victim of PayPal fraudulent activity…


Why I’m Packing My Shizzle And Moving

Yes, believe it or not, I’m doing my least favourite pastime and moving bloody apartments again. However, as stressful as it is, this time I couldn’t be happier about it. Regular readers of the blog will know I moved last year after my landlord sold up from underneath me. It was exactly what i needed to spur me into action,…


Make Your Secret Santa Count With #GiveOrGift

Make a difference this year by choosing a charity donation over a Secret Santa gift. The UK Money Bloggers have come together to launch a Secret Santa charity appeal for Christmas. Secret Santa has become more and more popular in recent years and can be a great way to keep the cost of Christmas down between close friends and family….


10 Things Your Parents Said You Get Now

How many of these bad boys did your parents use on you? As we grow up our parents love to throw out the odd quip and sarcastic remark to guide us along our way. Things that used to annoy the hell of me now strike a chord as an adult. How many of these have you heard from your parents?…

Top Money Hacks

Thinking Thrifty: An Interview With Top Money Hacks

I was very kindly asked to participate in an interview with Top Money Hacks a few weeks ago. I’ve made it my business over these last 10 months to get involved as much as possible within the Personal Finance blogging community and was delighted to take part. What I love about personal finance blogging is the support we all offer…

friends characters

Learn From The Friends Characters, Not The Dodgy Adverts In Between

We should be taking our lead from the Friends characters and not the irresponsible adverts in between. A couple of weeks ago, to my absolute joy and my partners horror, I noticed Comedy Central had been added to my Virgin Media Package free of charge. This could mean only one thing, I could watch the whole Friends box set all over…

best new blog SHOMO Awards

Thinking Thrifty Wins Best New Blog At The SHOMO Awards

This weekend the best UK Money Bloggers got together for the SHOMO Awards in London with Thinking Thrifty nominated in the Best New Blog category. It was a fantastic event organised by Andy over at Be Clever With Your Cash, and a great experience to meet some giants of the UK Blogging scene. Wasp happened? The day started with me almost…

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