Epiphanies, Habits And Rituals: Q1 Results

Habits, wow, did i have a lot of bad ones! But, I got sick of spending dead money on rent, most importantly, I got tired of not being in control of my own destiny Just over three months ago I had a striking realisation that my life wasn’t heading in the direction I wanted. I was living month-to-month, just about scraping…

current accounts

How I Turned Three Current Accounts Into A Saving Machine

These days  current accounts to save can offer better rates than a savings account. In a topsy-turvy world of ultralow savings rates you have to think outside the box when it comes to maximising your saving potential. I remain firmly on target for the £5,000 Challenge for the first quarter of the year and as we approach the end of…

Keeping An Eye On My Money - £5,000 Challenge

Keeping An Eye On My Money – £5,000 Challenge

Money has always been an issue for me. Not earning it, but spending it wisely! It’s now a little over 2 months since I started this blog and began my journey on the way to gaining financial freedom so here is my two month update. It started with the realisation that I really wasn’t making enough of life. I often…


Why I Opened A Help To Buy ISA

Help to Buy ISA officially opened! I did it. I got to the end of January with a whole £60 left in my back pocket when usually I’d have been borrowing from January 2nd. Not a lot, but a lot more than I ever expected in my wildest dreams. Dare I say I’m actually enjoying living the frugal life? How…


Quitting Cigarettes: £5k Saving Challenge

So I have reached week two of the challenge and I have more money left at this stage in January than I have ever had. I did have a fairly quiet Christmas which most certainly helped, but getting organised with a meal plan has had a major impact on my spending habits. I decided it was time for the next…


Progress: £5k Saving Challenge Week One

I can already see the progress made form my first week as a frugal saver in just one week. It’s certainly opened up my eyes to how much money I have been throwing away over the last few years. My progress The meal plan was a great success. Admittedly, it didn’t quite go to plan on the specified days but…

changing habits

Changing Habits: £5k Saving Challenge

The Christmas and New Year party is well and truly over and it’s time to start changing habits. I’m not going to lie, I’m glad to get back to normality. Now begins the serious business of knuckling down and saving every penny possible to hit my £5,000 target. I do, admittedly, waste a lot of money. Over: the last year…

Saving Challenge

Why I’ve Made A £5,000 Saving Challenge

Why did I devise a £5,000 Saving Challenge? Well first of all I’ve reached the grand old age of 34, and now, more than ever, buying our own house is on my mind. It is something I have been meaning to ‘get around’ to saving for but just never seems to happen. For the second time in succession my latest…

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