Child Finance

5 Things You Must Do To Teach Your Child About Finance

Finance can be a minefield, even if you previously done your homework. So imagine how confusing it can be when you are suddenly thrust into the world of finance without any prior knowledge of the way it works. As soon as we all reach eighteen, the banks start to tempt us with exciting offers of credit cards, loans and overdrafts…

property 2.0

9 Things You Oughta Know When Buying A Property

Regular visitors to the blog will know I’m currently saving up for the deposit on my first ever house. As I was a bit… no… VERY naive to the whole process when I started saving, I decided to do my research and unsurprisingly there is way more to it than I ever imagined. If you one day dream of owning…

consumerism 1.0

Consumerism: A Champagne Lifestyle On Lambrini Wages

I have been a part of this little planet of ours stretching over almost three and half decades and I have seen major changes in attitudes to life, especially where money is concerned. As a child growing up in 80’s Britain, I was heavily influenced by my grandparents. We lived a stone’s throw away and I spent a lot of…

car insurance

How To Spank Your Insurer For Cheaper Car Insurance

Another year, another price increase, it’s something that UK drivers are pretty used to, but, with a bit of savvy shopping you can spank the insurer and dodge the average £50 hike that’s been added to your insurance bill this year. According to figures released by MoneySuperMarket, the average car insurance quote has risen £478, a £50 increase over the…

pension 1.0

Pension Time Bomb: Why You Need To Save Now! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you a part of the pension ticking time bomb? If you are a regular visitor to this blog you will know that I am an extremely late retirement saver. I was warned at 28 that I was already too late by a financial advisor, I chose to act at 34 – idiot! I know I’m not alone though, many…

Credit 1.0

How To Be A Pro At First Time Credit Applications

I spent years applying for credit and was subsequently turned down every time. I wasn’t in desperate need of the money, I simply wanted to improve my credit score. It was incredibly frustrating when I managed my money well and didn’t have any debts. What I lacked was a history. Here is how not to make the same mistakes I…

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