I love my Manchester, it’s people, and I’m incredibly proud to call myself a Mancunian, but never so much before in my entire life as today.

Ee-arr Terrorism, This Is Manchester. We Do Things Differently Here!

Ee-arr Terrorism, Last night you deliberately attacked a children’s concert in our great city, Manchester. You murdered 22 innocent people, injured and traumatised many more. You should know without any doubt that we don’t condone that sort of shit here regardless of our age, race, religion, sex or sexual preference. You see, when a disgraceful excuse of a human-being attacks…

Why Manchester is absolutely nothing like Coronation Street

14 Reasons Why Coronation Street Is Nothing Like Manchester

I love Manchester and I love Mancunians, yet although I was freed from being subjected to the drivel known as Coronation Street when my old flatmate moved out, it still irks me that it is in some way supposed to represent life in Manchester. Bearing this in mind, I have put together a quick guide for those who live…


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