Debt can be all consuming if left to get out of control. But, how can you tell if your debts have become a problem that you need help with?

How Do You Know You Have Debt Problems?

Do you know what debt is? Sounds like a silly question right? But, you’d be surprised how many of us don’t understand the meaning of it enough to recognise whether it has become a problem. A simple definition of debt  is a sum of money that is owed or due, a financial obligation that you are bound to pay back….

Would you risk pissing someone off to prevent them from committing financial suicide?

Would You Be Willing To Upset A Friend To Stop Them Committing Financial Suicide?

As a money blogger and a former employee of the debt industry, I’m in a fair few money related Facebook groups. If someone has a financial related query I’m happy to offer the best advice I can, if I don’t know the answer I’ll keep schtum and try and point them in the right direction for the correct advice. Facebook…

Parking tickets shouldn't cost you your life!

Parking tickets are expensive – but shouldn’t cost you your life

Jerome Rogers, a 20 year old courier, got a couple of parking tickets last year that he couldn’t afford to pay. After these were sent to the bailiffs, two £65 tickets ballooned to a debt of over £1,000. A bailiff clamped his motorcycle so Jerome couldn’t earn any money at all and he killed himself. But this isn’t just Jerome’s…

If you think you're to young to start investing you're wrong, in fact, you're in a better and stronger position to get started. Here's why!

5 Reasons Why The Early Bird Catches The Worm When It Comes To Investing

I have long advocated the need for financial education whilst we are younger, even more so now in a modern world where the cost of living is forever increasing and the state pension becomes stretched so far it will  barely make ends meet by the time millennials and Generation Z have chance to draw from it. Whilst compulsory company pension…

Being refused credit is frustrating. But what should you do to give yourself the best chance of being accepted in future by other potential lenders?

What You Should Do If You Have Been Refused Credit

Being refused credit can be so annoyingly frustrating, trust me I’ve been there when I was told I needed credit to be taken seriously for a mortgage. Regardless of who Experian, at the time, were recommending, I was having no luck whatsoever in getting anyone to accept me. Little did I know then, there were ways in which I could…

Banking jargon can be difficult to understand, especially when nobody has taken the time to explain it to us. In this guide I have debunked many of the most common types of banking jargon!

Banking Jargon Debunked: What Does It Mean?

Financial agreements and products come full of banking jargon and terms that most of us don’t understand. In fact, it’s safe to say that up until a few years ago, some of the banking jargon used in my mail may as well have been written in Japanese for all I understood about it. I recently asked my work colleagues to explain…

Can you believe that unexpected boiler repair costs came to a mahoosive £787 million last year for people without boilercare? Well believe it, because it happened, and if you're a homeowner without it you're playing Russian Roulette with your finances. If you think that sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, let's look at the at the facts. Five million homes were affected by a broken down boiler last year with the average bill totaling £270. However, 250,000 (5%) of those five million homes faced boiler breakdown costs of £1,250+ for the repairs. The average UK household just isn't equipped financially to deal with an emergency of this kind. A recent study discovered that low income families have paltry £95 in savings to deal with an emergency should disaster strike. Something as simple as a boiler breaking down could set someone off spiraling into debt, playing catch up and left robbing Peter to pay Paul. If you lack a sufficient emergency fund it is imperative that you have the right cover in place in case the worse comes to the worse.

Why Every Homeowner Should Have Boilercare

Can you believe that unexpected boiler repair costs came to a mahoosive £787 million last year for people without boilercare? Well believe it, because it happened, and if you’re a homeowner without it you’re playing Russian Roulette with your finances. If you think that sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, let’s look at the at the facts. Five million…

How To Build A Credit File Worthy Enough For A Set Of Bankers

I’m asked, quite often, how can I build a credit file if I am unable to take out any credit without having anything on my credit file in the first place? It’s one of those annoying little conundrums akin to the job advert that requires you to have experience, yet without someone giving you the chance for you to gain that…

Funding is the biggest barrier people face when starting a business

What Difficulties Will You Have Starting A Business?

It would appear we are a country of budding entrepreneurs, with more than 300,000 of us starting a business just last year alone. icount Money recently conducted a survey asking what barriers you could face when starting a business of you own. 1-in-5 (21%) British business hopefuls face difficulty when starting up their own business, with 26% of those surveyed saying…

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