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How I Turned Three Current Accounts Into A Saving Machine

These days  current accounts to save can offer better rates than a savings account. In a topsy-turvy world of ultralow savings rates you have to think outside the box when it comes to maximising your saving potential. I remain firmly on target for the £5,000 Challenge for the first quarter of the year and as we approach the end of…

Pocket Money Management

Pocket Money Management

Money management can help to reduce the risk of your child getting into unmanageable debt later in life. We place incredible importance on education in the UK, however, financial education is something that is almost never taught to children. This can lead them to make avoidable mistakes in the future that could burden you as much as it does them….


The Anatomy Of Piggybanking

Piggybanking is brilliant If you want to get a greater control over your finances. Setting out a budget on paper is easy, it is a lot more difficult to stick to it. You need a lot of willpower or some nifty thrifty techniques to keep you on track. Willpower has to come from within, nobody can give it to you,…

52 Week Saving Challenge

52 Week Saving Challenge

Try the 52 Week Saving Challenge and put yourself in a position to be able to afford that holiday you want, pay off that debt or simply take away the panic that Christmas brings. The thought of saving any sort of significant amount of money can be a daunting one. But if you start off slow and aim big towards…

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