An image to depict a fake away Slimming World friendly chicken kebab

Low syn, Slimming World friendly chicken kebab fake away recipe

Slimming World law dictates, if you want to go and treat yourself to a take away, you can. Just be honest, don’t try and cheat the system, count the syns and keep it in line with your weekly allowance and you’re all good. However, when you’re trying to maximise your weight-loss and save the pennies at the same time,…

How to make Cottage Pie

Super Tasty Traditional Cottage Pie

It has to be said, the only thing I like about going into the colder months is Christmas and the food I can cook, so after a pretty nippy and windy Manchester day I decided on Cottage Pie for dinner. I sent PK for the ingredients and it wasn’t without its usual drama after he forgot most of items…

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