Dear We Buy Any Car: Some Honest Customer Feedback

After almost passing out with sheer delight at the first sight of your highly tempting advert promising to save some of my precious time, being a minute conscious, busy individual where spare hours in a day are an extremely limited and valuable commodity, I decided to give We Buy Any Car a once over whilst surfing the tinterweb.

I must confess, I had completely forgotten you had even existed since I’d successfully managed to rid my memory of that irritating jingle you inflicted upon the good people of Britain a few years ago, back in the days when you were still working with a much smaller budget – check you all prime time and shit!

ANY, ANY, ANY, ANY…. We buy any car, DOT COM!

Yet, despite your previous crimes against ear drums and mental health throughout the land, I was willing to forgive (if not forget), and threw myself into the time saving, car selling slipstream you promised to deliver in good faith.

As suggested by the excitable, bubbly lady on the tele-box, I hastily popped in my details, dreaming of a money spinning, time saving offer waiting to appear on screen like a shining beacon of clock reversing hope.

You know, the kind of deal that only a moron of epic proportions with far too much time on their hands could ever possibly contemplate turning down?

I have to say, I was somewhat underwhelmed with the results.

You see I must confess, I’m no Stephen Hawking, but I am slightly perplexed as to why I’d be better served saving a few minutes of my time selling my car to you for considerably less than Jim is offering just a few minutes down the road.

I’m perfectly sure Jim may not be able to reach the same light speed flying down to his local bank branch to transfer my dough as quickly as you quite proudly offer, I would however, be left stuck with the prospect of not being able to afford the deposit on the next car, pay the rent on my gaff, or feed the cat after we had completed the transaction.

My mother raised me incredibly well and I’m not without manners, so thank you for your kind offer of half a dog-chewed digestive biscuit, sixpence and ten minutes of my life back.

However, after careful consideration I’ve come to the conclusion that I think I’d prefer to have my genitalia removed with a rusty pitch fork over the prospect of watching the cat starve to death and walking the many miles as a homeless person I simply do not have the time for presently.

Whilst your mission is nothing but to nobly save people the length and breadth of the country time and effort, I feel like you’ve wasted mine on this occasion.

Yours impatiently,

David Jack Taylor.

Useful ways to protect yourself from the clutches of We Buy Any Car:

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You can get so much more for your car by selling it privately. Compared to the paltry prices you'll get from We Buy Any Car, it is certainly not worth blowing hundreds of pounds to save a bit of time!

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20 thoughts on “Dear We Buy Any Car: Some Honest Customer Feedback

  1. We had a similar experience this week.

    Our model of car would go for around £3k privately but we said we’d settle for the “up to £2k” online valuation – or even £1,900 (and don’t forget the £50 transaction fee).

    After an hour we were offered £1,400 and had to politely turn them down. Apparently required showroom condition (on a 59 plate car) to meet their online valuation.

    But he’d already bought more than a dozen that day so must be offering enough for some people.

  2. I was only offered a couple of hundred for my 2005 Mazda 3. In the end I actually part exchanged with Car Giant for £700. A much better deal, still avoiding the fuss of privately selling. However, fail to see any situation We Buy Any Car looks like a good option given their poor prices.

  3. Ouch! We have a similar service here where I’m sure the outcome is about the same. I’ve only had to sell one car so far in my life, and it was done privately. I’ll be sure to remember this story the next time I’m in this predicament!

  4. I’ve been in America recently and WBAC are just starting to make inroads there as well. Their adverts are a LOT less annoying though so I think they are going for a different image over there.

  5. Haha, yes I’ve heard similar horror stories about them. not sure why anyone falls for it to be honest, when selling elsewhere is hardly that difficult or that much of a time-sapper.

  6. Love these types of posts and even more I love the destination of said post…I’d like to believe that WBAC surely must have reflected on this letter but sadly no…they simply don’t have the time…given all the other letters of a similar fashion that they have to deal with; all day, every day….how’s that for irony!!

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