Why Your Energy Company Is Mugging Your Loyalty Off

“Loyalty doesn’t pay where energy firms are concerned” was the first blog ever posted on Thinking Thrifty, and it seems most of us are still having our pants pulled down by our energy company.

If you’re a customer of SSE, you’re likely to be one of the ones affected most by greedy energy firm bosses failing to make enough effort to switch you to one of their cheaper tariffs.

91% of SSE customers, rather disgustingly, are still on the standard variable tariff – the most expensive tariff available.

Compare that to just 9% of First Utility customers and it’s clear to see why the Big Six have earned themselves a reputation for exploiting consumer’s blissful ignorance.

According to Ofgem, millions of customers could save hundreds of pounds a year by switching to a cheaper tariff within the same energy company.

So why isn’t every effort possible being made to ensure you’re not left paying more than you need to?


It doesn’t stop with SSE either, 1.7 million Npower customers could save £261 a year simply by moving to another Npower tariff.

Ask yourself this question…

How long do you think it would take them to call you if you didn’t pay your bill?

Now consider this…

Could the same call not be made to let you know you’re over paying and there is a cheaper tariff available to you without the need to switch provider?

Around 66% of UK households are on standard tariffs, pretty ridiculous when you consider how much cheaper fixed rate tariffs are.

You’re also protected against any price hikes when in a fixed rate tariff, but does your energy company really want this?

What should I do?

The best possible advice I can give you is to switch to a smaller provider, their energy is no different than that of a Big Six supplier.

However, if you still have reservations about switching to a different energy company at least call your current supplier to switch to a cheaper tariff.

Would you pay £100 for a loaf of bread, or look for a better deal?

Exactly, and your energy bill is no different!

Final word

As if things weren’t already bad enough, energy bills are set to increase by anything up to 34% so the time is here to act and protect yourself.

Below are some articles I have written with helpful tips to help cut down on your energy usage, as well as explaining in more detail why there is no need to worry about switching suppliers.

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