Facebook Buy, Sell And Swap Groups: How To Bag Yourself A Bargain

You’re probably a member of a Facebook buy, sell and swap group or page, if not, I’m sure you’ll have heard of them.

They are something I always keep an eye on, whether I particularly need something or not, just in case there is a chance to grab a bargain to flip sell it and make a bit of profit.

However, since moving into my apartment last November I’ve been on the lookout for bedroom furniture and a dining table.

I missed out on an amazing table a few months ago because Sidney the Sony decided to switch himself off and I missed the guys message – a trait that old Sid is doing more and more.

It was beautiful and since seeing it nothing has quite floated my boat in the same way, meaning I’ve been holding out.

I’ve been living with temporary bedroom furniture and eating off my knee for eight months and it has taken me to the brink of insanity, thankfully the furniture Gods smiled down on me this week and I’ll tell you how.

Where are the best bargains on Facebook?

I’m a member of many groups, but recently I’ve been adding myself to groups in more affluent areas.

I’m lucky enough to be located close to quite a few in South Manchester and the one thing you notice immediately is the price of the items for sale.

It appears that the more money people have, the less value they place on things they want to get rid of – or in my experience at least.

Now, as a working class gentleman if I was looking to sell a dining table I’d want to get as much back for it as possible because that money would invariably be going towards the new one, not so much of a problem for the wealthy or well off.

I’ve seen pretty terrible, poor condition items for sale in groups such as Stretford where the seller is asking fairly ridiculous prices.

After stalking a few others in similar areas it’s the same story.

Understandably, if your budget is tight you want as much money as possible to put towards your new stuff, I get it, but it’s no good to the person looking for a bargain and it’s likely to take while to sell unless you find someone gullible enough.

So with my research complete I hunted through pages in affluent areas such as Hale, Bowden and Knutsford and the quality and prices kick the ass of other areas.

I have managed to bag myself a full bedroom suite less than eighteen months old for £30, yes, THIRTY ENGLISH POUNDS!

It’s from a smoke free, pet free household and there isn’t a mark on it!

In her own word the lady “just wanted it out of her house ASAP to make room for her own furniture”.

The house she purchased was left full of the previous owner’s possessions as part of the sale to speed it up.  

She originally wanted £50, but with the offer of an immediate pick up she ripped my hand off for £30 – I even super blagged her to have it dismantled ready for me, if you don’t ask you don’t get and all that!

You can imagine how happy I am to get my bedroom into order again, but it didn’t stop there, oh no!

I found the most amazing wrought iron, glass top dining table for £20.

Even I couldn’t believe that one, so much so that I was convinced there was going to be something wrong with it.

I asked the seller straight, “what’s wrong with it?”

His answer?

“Absolutely nothing, I just want a token donation and it out of my house” – DONE DEAL!!

Top tips for bagging a bargain on Facebook buy, sell and swap groups

  1. Check out affluent areas first. If you don’t live very close to one it still may be worth you traveling for something, especially when it’s a high end item and low cost.
  2. Haggle! The worse someone can do is tell you to sling it, however, you may be able to drive the price down even further. This works well when the seller is in a rush to move their stuff quickly.
  3. Look out for people who have been let down by timewasting buyers. They are usually more eager to shift their stuff and way more willing to come to a deal to get rid. If they’re a week behind schedule in terms of selling there will be wriggle room to get the price down.
  4. Don’t be put off if someone has already shown interest in an item that’s caught your eye. Just ask the seller to put you next on the list should it not go through. This is precisely how I bagged my table!

Have you ever bagged yourself a bargain on Facebook?

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