9 Things Guaranteed To Make You Feel Much Happier

The best things in life are free apparently, and there is nothing featured on this list that will cost you a penny, however they will make you feel much happier.

It’s easy to sit there complaining of all the reasons why we’re not completely happy and fulfilled in life (something we definitely don’t struggle with in the UK).

But there are a few minor alterations to your everyday life you can make that I guarantee will make you feel much happier.

Many of the things on this list I have been guilty of, and consequently stopped doing for the benefit of my happiness and sanity.

A lot of the time we don’t even realise we’re doing them, it’s a bad habit that we can’t shake because we haven’t even established it’s there.

Have a look down this list and see if any of these relate to you!

1. Stop bloody moaning

There is nothing wrong with venting and getting a few things off your chest.

However, constantly moaning about every little thing under the sun is not doing you, or those around you, any good.

We’ve all met that one misery guts person who could find fault in winning the Euro Millions, they just have an insatiable thirst for complaining.

Don’t be like this person, steer clear of this person, this person is bad news for your mental health so give them the widest berth possible.

Don’t be a glass half empty kind of guy/gal.

If someone asks you how you are, tell them you’re great, rather than ‘not bad’.

Not bad? What the hell is that anyway?

Surely  if you’re ‘not bad’, you’re good, great, fantastic even?

Smile more, you’ll notice the reaction of others around you after just one day and you’ll feel much happier about the whole thing.

2. Quit trying to keep up with the Joneses

Just because Sharon over the road has got a new car, it doesn’t mean you need one too.

Social media, and the fake bullshizzle it brings hasn’t exactly helped with this one.

I’m old enough to remember a time when keeping up with the Joneses meant keeping up appearances with the people in your family, close social circle, neighbours or even work mates.

Now, with the explosion of social media many people, for some unknown reason, think they need to keep up with thousands and thousands of social media connections they barely know or have even met.


Be happy with what you’ve got, and certainly don’t go out spending on something  just because someone you ‘know’ bought one.

3. Take perfect social media lives with a pinch of salt

“Just got into a nice bubble bath with a glass of champers”

Lies Sharon, all lies.

You’re sat in your onesie, glass of Lambrini in hand watching Hollyoaks first look.

Stop believing everything you see on social media.

Whilst Sharon might want you to see her perfect dinner, in her perfectly clean house after a perfect day of looking after the kids, in reality just out of shot, Sharon is knee deep in shit the same as anyone bringing up young children.

You’ll feel much happier if you stop believing Sharon’s life is perfect.

4. Be thankful for what you have got

Got a roof above your head, food on the table, clothes on your back, a family that loves you?

Then you are far richer than you may have ever thought.

Stop looking at what you don’t have and appreciate what you do have.

The more abundant your mentality, the more likely opportunity will find you.

5. Learn to love your own company

If you can’t bear to be on your own for an hour without feeling lonely or bored you have an issue.

Take that time to relax, wind down, contemplate your thoughts and enjoy the lovely silence.

The word bored was banned in my granddad’s house, if you dared to say it he would find something for you to do, something you wouldn’t particularly like.

He was right, there isn’t enough time in the day to be bored.

Once you have learned to love your own company you’ll have less need to be around others and will quickly realise it wasn’t all that in the first place.

Not only that, you will have found many new ways to keep yourself entertained.

6. Help others

Volunteer for a local charity, believe me, they need your help.

There is nothing quite like helping out someone less fortunate than yourself to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling.

It could be as simple as helping an elderly neighbour with their shopping.

It’s nice to be nice.

7. Reduce time spent on mainstream media

Jesus Christ it’s depressing isn’t it.

Not only that, 50% of it is complete and utter doomsday tosh anyway.

If you’re interested in a world event, do your own research, make your own mind up, and definitely don’t listen to anything that comes out of a Rupert Murdoch publication.

At the moment it’s nothing but the ramblings of an orange, psychotic, screaming shit-gibbon anyway – or Mr President as he now prefers.

8. Surround yourself with happy people

One thing that really annoys me about the UK is our suspicion towards anyone who seems to be happy.

“She’s far too happy, it’s doing my nut in”

Often confused with being fake, I can confirm it’s OK to be happy, and the best way to achieve happiness it to surround yourself with other like-minded happy people.

No need for Miss Marple here, case closed.

9. Stop comparing yourself to celebrities

That person you idolise as the perfect human specimen has been airbrushed AF, and unsurprisingly doesn’t look ready for the red carpet first thing in the morning anymore than you do, regardless of what publications would have you believe.

They get spots, gain weight and have bad hair days just like the rest of us.

Would you want your kids growing up with such insecurities?

I’m guessing not, but they will pick them up from you if you continually beat yourself up about not looking like the stunt double to Beyoncé.

Stop comparing yourself to the impossible dream, you will feel much happier!

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David Naylor is the editor of the Thinking Thrifty blog. An award winning personal finance and lifestyle blogger, he shows how it is possible to live extremely well for less.
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17 thoughts on “9 Things Guaranteed To Make You Feel Much Happier

  1. All so true! I love to have a goo digital detox every other weekend or so. It’s refreshing to focus on the ‘now’ with your loved ones instead of looking at a screen all the time!

    1. Definitely! Forgetting my phone charger on holiday last year was the best thing that happened to me. I have no phone hours now each and every day!

  2. Love all of these. I thought the first one about stop moaning was best until I read the rest and love them all! You’re on my wavelength! Thanks so much for sharing with #TheZenZing. Be great to see you again on 1st of the month.

  3. David, love the tips and yes…PEOPLE STOP frickin complaining! Really? I was just saying to my husband, what the hell do Americans have to be miserable about? WE HAVE SO MUCH HERE!!!
    It is always so and so has this, this person is…so many people (98%) do not like where they are at in their lives and let me tell you MONEY CANNOT BUY HAPPINESS! Just sayin! Great post!

    1. I honestly don’t think some people can see the connection between feeling miserable and moaning all the time. We’re here for a good time not a long time, you have t make the most of it!

  4. This is all so true. Especially the never ending moaning – something you get here in Czech Republic ALL the time… But last year I spent working with a British guy for six month on a movie and he was the worst!! Somehow he always thought the question How are you today? means I want to hear about everything that went bad for him that day!…. worst thing – by the end of the six months he turnes myself into a moaner too! Hopefully, I shook it off by now 🙂 (more or less)

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