Super Quick And Tasty Garlic Pork Loin: Slimming World Friendly

Regular readers know what a complete and utter tightwad I am, so this pork loin dish was perfect.

Paying full price for anything brings me out in cold sweats and a rash – especially where food is concerned.

I can be found stalking my local Sainsburys and Co-Op daily.

They are an absolute treasure trove of reduced goodies and bargain basement deals, so much so I’m fairly sure they must make a loss on it – bothered loads.

Anyhoo, last night was a real CBA affair when it came to cooking dinner.

I was knackered from being in the cafe all day and taking on quite a lot of freelance work which I’m doing around busy periods, so my enthusiasm levels for cooking were understandably running on fumes by the time I got home.

This is where stockpiling your freezer pays off, not just in a time sense, but a money sense too.

I messaged PK and told him to take out the pork loin I had in the freezer as I knew there were a few spare bits in the fridge that needed using too.

Garlic Pork Loin topped with mushrooms, chilli, peppers and onion.

It’s bloody easy and this is all you need.:

  • Pork loin or chops
  • Four mushrooms
  • Half an onion
  • 1 pepper (any colour)
  • 1 chilli (or chilli flakes would work)


  • Rub olive oil (Fry Light for Slimming World folks) onto both sides of the pork loin (or chops) and season with garlic powder and plenty of salt & pepper. Leave to take in the flavours for an hour at least preferably, but no biggie if you don’t.
  • Finely chop the mushrooms, pepper, onion and chilli.
  • In a frying pan (I actually use a Wok) cook the pork loin on a moderate heat for approx 10 minutes turning occasionally (be sure to make sure it has cooked through as appliances can vary).
  • In a separate pan lightly fry the mushrooms, pepper, onion and chilli in some olive oil (Fry Light for Slimming World guys)
  • Place the mix on top of the pork loin and serve with whatever extras you like. I had corn on the cob and sweet potato going spare so I went with that, mashing the sweet potato – EASY!

Final word

Sometimes we can get so caught up in looking for some extravagant recipe when we are short on ideas for dinner.

In my experience that only leads to eating something you usually eat as when the thought of attempting it sets in, you realise you just cannot be bothered after all.

It can be as easy as seasoning a meat in a way you haven’t done before.

A lot of bloggers will tell you it’s only a bargain if you are going to use it, sound advice, but where food is concerned I think it’s prudent to have a freezer full of options when money is tight or time is at a premium.

It is for this precise reason I very rarely leave a yellow ticket item when it is fresh meat, I know it will get used at some point, better still, I’ve usually paid less than 50% of what it originally went on the shelf at!

Don’t make dinner a stressed out affair, you don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay to get quick tasty, food served up, and it definitely doesn’t have to cost the Earth!

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