Glueing your lip – The thrifty beauty sh*t you shouldn’t try

After the best part of 38 years on this planet I have seen and heard plenty of ridiculous things, but glueing your lip to create a trout pout has got to be up there with the best of them.

Social media has so many things to answer for, but the filtered fuckery of ‘Perfect Appearance Land’ is by far the worse.

Glueing your lip was previously known as gurning

Whether you’re a fan of the National Gurning Championships, enjoyed a bit of Les Dawson back in the day, or spent enough time on the club scene to catch my drift – any of us could confirm that the new trend strikes a startling resemblance.

Believe me when I say, you looked an awful lot better before you did that to your mush.


Unrealistic standards of beauty are being forced down our neck

It’s bad enough as an adult, but at almost 38 I can only imagine what it does to the minds of poor kids these days.

With the cost of fillers significantly more expensive than the one hair bobble and two clips the girls of my school needed, they are contemplating doing dumb shit like this from relentless pressure to look the part.

When nobody on any advertising campaign started off looking the way they look now, what chance do they have to feel beautiful when enhancement after enhancement is being forcibly rammed down their throats daily?

The message it sends is you can’t be beautiful without them, and this is the shit that leads folks feeling like they must rush out and start glueing their lips.

Unless you have the money to flash around like the stars they aspire to look like, what other choice do they have?

I think it’s safe to say we need more education on body image issues as social media and manipulative advertising are going absolutely nowhere for the foreseeable.

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