Quitting Cigarettes: £5k Saving Challenge

So I have reached week two of the challenge and I have more money left at this stage in January than I have ever had. I did have a fairly quiet Christmas which most certainly helped, but getting organised with a meal plan has had a major impact on my spending habits.

I decided it was time for the next step, and as of Friday 15th January 2016 I made the decision to quit cigarettes. It will be the biggest thing I have done in terms of wasting money. But. I have set myself a challenge and I intend to stick to it!


Baby steps

It’s very early days and after several failed attempts at quitting I’m not doing the usual routine of telling anyone who will listen that “I’m over it”, “it’s disgusting” and “I can’t believe I ever smoked”, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.

No, this time I am keeping my mouth firmly shut, getting my head down and cracking on with it. I need to save this £5,000 and quitting smoking will save me £3,000!

It is easily the biggest waste of my money and I cannot justify it any longer. Plus, I’m sick of getting my ear chewed off by the nurse at the asthma clinic!

Getting more active

The last time I attempted this I gained a pound a day for just short of 3 months, I had never experienced hunger and craving for sugar that bad in my entire life. Bearing this in mind I’ve committed to walking my friend’s dogs at least 4 times a week. I’ll also be looking at other free or cheap exercise activities to avoid any unnecessary weight gain.

I also plan to decorate my flat, which again will certainly help me battle the bulge. I’ll be keeping my eye out for money saving tips on all things DIY and posting feedback on here as always!

What next for the £5,000 Challenge?

All-in-all it has been a positive start to the year. This blog is definitely helping me to keep on track and leading me from temptation. Next stop Help to Buy ISA!

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