Say Goodbye To Disney On Netflix: The Big Mouse House Migration

If you’ve become accustomed to salvaging your sanity and grabbing yourself a well earned breather by banging your little angels in front of the tele-box to watch Disney on Netfix, pour yourself a large brandy and take a seat, I’ve got some rather upsetting news.

Disney on Netflix will soon be nothing more than a distant, cherished memory.

CEO Bob Iger has informed investors that he will pulling all of the Mouse House’s content from Netflix by 2019.

You don’t have to be Miss Marple to work out this particular mystery, it all about money.

Disney on Netflix will replaced with their own branded streaming service, bypassing Netflix and putting more dollars into their own pockets – that mouse has turned into a right greedy git over the years.

Unfortunately it means you forking out more if you want to watch them. Your options will be to buy the DVDs or sign up for the Disney streaming service.

Right or wrong, it’s hardly surprising to see why there has been such a rise in the use of illegal streaming, over the last couple of years in particular, when watching your favourite classics requires you to have a membership of two billion separate streaming providers.

OK two billion might be a bit of an exaggeration, however, by the time my niece and nephew are considering having their own children we could well be somewhere close to that figure.

May the force be with you

Disney also owns the rights to Marvel and Star Wars and there is no guarantee that newer versions of these films will be staying, so maybe it’s just safer to binge watch them continuously on loop between now and 2019 – or that could just be me looking for an excuse to terrorise PK with them.

Keep your eye out for bargains now

Whilst Disney on Netflix is still available you should still be able to pick up some bargain DVDs, people looking to clear them out to make room in their house etc.

If I had kids I’d be storing them up whilst I could, attempting to kick the mouse right in the goolies.

Check out some great priced pre-loved Disney DVDs here!

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All things Disney are going to disappear from your Netflix and here's why!

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2 thoughts on “Say Goodbye To Disney On Netflix: The Big Mouse House Migration

    1. I know it’s getting a bit silly now. Plus they’re all getting their own exclusives to try and blag people into another subscriptions GOT being a notable example. It’s no wonder so many people just end up ripping it off themselves!

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